You know you are a Stargate fan when . . .

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To kick off our coverage of the Stargate Chicago Creation Convention, we’d like to share with you our geeky Stargate moments! So without further ado!

You know you are a Stargate fan when . . .

For a second you think that a sign that reads “Gameroom” really says “Gateroom”.

Every time you learn about a god or goddess you wonder if they are actually an Asgard, a Goa’uld, or a former host playing the role.

(If you’re a girl) You see a cute guy with glasses and wonder if he has anything close to Daniel’s brains, or if that’s just wishful thinking.

You curse/shake your fist/ grind your teeth or otherwise show your anger/disappointment/frustration every time you hear the words or see images associated with “Sci-Fi/SyFy”, “NBC” and “Universal”.

You curse/shake your fist/ grind your teeth or otherwise show your anger/disappointment/frustration every time you hear the names “Mark Stern” and/or “Bonnie Hammer”.

Every time you see something round with lights on it, you think of the Stargate.

Every time you see a round stone structure, you think of the Stargate.

One of your life goals is to visit Vancouver BC. When you have accomplished it, you dream of going back all the time, or even moving there.

Doing historical research, you wonder to yourself, “What would Daniel do?”

Dealing with a hypocritical jerk you wonder to yourself, “What would Jack do?” The answer probably is, “shoot him”.

You cry because you have everyone’s autograph except for one.

You have a Wall of Fame the consists of your photo ops with Stargate cast members.

You crack up every time someone says “indeed”, rare as that is.

You associate the cast members with their role on SG-1, so when you see them on some other show you go, “On my god it’s [character name]!” followed by the appropriate curses/praises/surprised silence.

You will willingly rack your brain for hours trying to remember a detail you have forgotten without resorting to an on-line source or an episode guide book for the answer just to prove to yourself that you know it.

You start designing your own trivia game because there isn’t one yet.

You make cross stitch patterns of Earth’s gate address so you can have a set of 7 cross stitch, felt-back coasters.

You have a wood carved Earth symbol by your front door.

You have at least four framed poster prints of various sizes in your house.

Your collection of books, DVD’s, magazines, and comics takes up over half of a full size Ikea bookshelf.

A large portion of your smart phone’s memory is dedicated to fan fiction.

The other portion is dedicated to Stargate episodes.

You use Stargate ringtones and have a live Stargate wallpaper.

Your computer wallpaper is always Stargate related, and you have a collection of wallpapers to choose from, saved in folders by category.

You consistently blow through the Level 28 quizzes in the official magazine with perfect scores.

You think of a scenario that SG-1 has never encountered before and you start wondering what they would do . . . maybe you even start writing it as a fan fiction.

You get confused for a second every time they mention “replicators” on Star Trek because to SG-1 fans they are nasty techno bugs, not machines that can make coffee ice cream for you out of thin air.

You find yourself using certain phrases like “Fer cryin’ out loud”, “Holy Hannah”, and “Holy buckets”.

You think the best and funniest curse word in any language is “Mik’ta”!

You have sound clips from the show on your iPod and you shuffle them in with your music.

You desgined a stick-on skin for said iPod, featuring the cast.

You have a copy of each series in every format available.

You beg and pray for a chance to see Richard Dean Anderson in person.

When you drive past a street named “Carter Avenue” you contemplate stopping to take a picture to post on your Twitter.

You use Stargate characters in your non-Stargate RPGs.

Your hurricane evacuation kit contains ONLY your passport and ALL of your SG-1 DVDs, books, autographs.

When you have a big fight, slam your bedroom door, you watch ‘Meridian’ so that when you go back out it will be apparent you were crying.

You manage to get “SG-1” in so many conversations with your boss that he starts watching it on Hulu and joining in the conversations.

You succeeded in converting two out of three of your college roommates into Stargate fans, and several friends beyond that.

You spend all year coming up with difficult but fair questions for the trivia contests at Creation Stargate Conventions.

If it involves Stargate, you will at least want to buy it whether you can actually afford it or not.

You have such a huge collection of Stargate memorabilia that it is best described as a “shrine.”

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