Brainules: Janina Gavankar Feeds Your Brainz

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Brainules: Janina Gavankar Feeds Your Brainz

Actor, musician, and all around geek girl extraordinaire Janina Gavankar (True Blood, The L Word) has a new blog and it’s pretty frellin’ great.

Not gonna lie. The aptly titled Brainules has some serious potential. Aside from the wonderfully clean and easy to navigate layout, Janina has a good reputation when it comes to viable tech reviews. You may recall, she’s was on G4’s Attack of the Show several times.

“But what is Brainules?” you ask. (Or would it be “what ARE Brainules?”) Well, let me just quote a bit from the front page, eh? Cause really, am I going to be able to describe it any better than Janina herself? Probably not.

I love d0p3 and brain-tingling-good things. I don’t care where they’re from or who made em. If they’re dope, I want the world to know. I come across some thing/person, every day, that is too amazing NOT to share. 

Hmm. She used L337 and does seem have good taste in geek/tech stuffz. At least, if her Twitter/Facebook/Instagram are to be believed. But I digress…

BRAINULES will be a place for me (and maybe you!) to share the awesomeness.

Oh! We like sharing! We like awesomeness! Sweet! A chance to build a mini-geeky community of awesome? That sounds like a win-win, especially for things like recommending tech, movies, games, etc. It’s always nice to have a reference you can trust.

Instead of sifting through the noise of social media, you can sign up to get a post about a new, awesome thing (and future exclusives) in your email, every(ish)day.


I don’t know about you, but I hate sifting through social media. #1. I don’t really have time to do it; and #2. the less drama the better. Conveniently located tech/geek/awesomesausage reviews directly to my inbox? Yes please! I promptly received an email titled “Stuff in Janina’s Brainules” asking if I wanted to subscribe. It made me giggle. Brainules is such a great word.

Then I headed on into Brainules to have myself a deeper look around. It’s a little bit of everything. Tech reviews, movie recommendations and reviews…Okay, so there are only a few posts up, but they’re still pretty neat. There’s sure to be plenty more to come. I’ve got my fingers crossed she’ll do some video game reviews too. It’s always nice to get a girl’s perspective on things. Particularly games the GameStop guy gives you weird looks for buying. (Why yes, I plan on playing Dead Island. So?)

Go on. Give it a shot. Head on over to Brainules and find some stuff to put in your brainz!

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