The World Spectrum: One Woman Fights for Humanity’s Freedom – Tyler Edwards

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The World Spectrum: One Woman Fights for Humanity’s Freedom – Tyler Edwards

Tyler Edwards’ introduction to his Series – World Spectrum.   Written by Tyler Edwards …

Humanity was not born free.

This is the premise of the World Spectrum trilogy, my series of science fantasy ebooks. On the world of Barria, the human race did not arise naturally, but was created by beings known as the Old Gods to serve as a slave race.

Every one of humanity’s flaws was bred into them to weaken their ability to resist their masters. They were given fear, hate, and prejudice so that they would never unite to throw off their chains.

Yet unite they did. They overthrew their oppressors and took Barria as their own. But the Old Gods’ programming remained, and humanity fractured, warring constantly.

By the beginning of the first novel in the series, Rage of the Old Gods, the human race has spent centuries perfecting technological warcraft. This art reaches its brutal pinnacle in the Automatons, intelligent machines fueled by magic and virtually unstoppable, and the militaristic nation of Tor Som unleashes their Automaton hordes in a bid to conquer the neighboring land of Eastenhold.

The story centers on Leha, an antique dealer and amateur historian from Eastenhold. A dreamer and an idealist, Leha believes she can save her country by traveling beyond her world, to the alien realms of Tyzu and Sy’om.

These worlds lie above and below Barria in the spectrum of worlds, an infinite multiverse of realities separated by their ambient energy level. In such places, even the fundamental laws of physics differ, and alien life thrives.

History records that the powers of those worlds defeated the Old Gods in ancient times, and Leha believes they can defeat the forces of Tor Som, as well. Her experiences on those worlds change her in body and soul, granting her fantastic power, but in the chaotic jungles of Tyzu, she will discover a far greater threat than an invading army: The Old Gods are returning to reclaim their world.

It falls to Leha to lead humanity against this new threat, bringing out a reckless and feral intensity within her, but she gathers many allies along the way: Drogin, Leha’s brother and a gifted Automaton technician; Eranna, a Tor soldier haunted by the atrocities committed by her people; Natoma, an exotic warrior renowned for her kindness, beauty, and deadly skill with a blade; and Benefactor, a strange alien entity whose psychic power may hold the key to humanity’s salvation.

The World Spectrum series is first and foremost an action-adventure. I view my first duty as a writer is to entertain readers, and so the books are filled with epic battles and thrilling odysseys to the far corners of reality.

But I also try to raise some deeper questions within the story. It is the petty conflicts of humanity that opened the way for the Old Gods to return, and even if they can be defeated a second time, what’s to stop it from happening again? What is the true nature of humanity? Can we leave the darker aspects of ourselves behind, or are we doomed to forever be at each other’s throats?

Something else I enjoyed doing with this series was hybridizing science fiction and fantasy elements in interesting ways. The World Spectrum is essentially a work of fantasy, but I treat my magic more as a science than an art – I like to say my wizards are more geek than Gandalf.

The Automatons provide a fantasy riff on the idea of artificial intelligence. The second book in the series, Children of the Gods, deals with a magical version of genetic engineering in the form of the forbidden art of biomancy. In the third book, Human Again, parallel universes are used to analyze the world-changing consequences of Leha’s actions, both positive and negative.

The World Spectrum novels are published through Smashwords, but they are also available through most major ebook retailers, including Kobo and Barnes and Noble. Free samples of all three are available through Smashwords, and I will begin serializing the first book, Rage of the Old Gods, for free on the official World Spectrum site and my personal site.

Learn more at, and follow my life as a writer and a card-carrying nerd at

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A freelance writer by trade, Tyler Edwards has been creating worlds for as long as he can remember. He grew up in the country outside of Ottawa, Canada, and amidst the enchanting woods and fields, it was easy to imagine Elves and Demons around every bend. After that, making the jump to fiction writing seemed natural. He will not consider himself a true success until people are writing nonsensical slash fics about his characters.



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