Fan Tracks – Dragon Con – 2014 – Coming Soon! Way Soon!

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Fan Tracks – Dragon Con – 2014 – Coming Soon! Way Soon!
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Kid before christmas excitement always gets me about this time of year as I start to prepare for going to Dragon Con. As most of us know, it happens every year Labor Day weekend in Atlanta GA. And it’s never too late to decide to participate in the largest Fan run, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Convention E V E R. Over the years I’ve gotten better and better at being ready. You know, what to bring and what to not bring. Which adds up to bring more! More costumes, more video cards, more costumes, more power bars, more costumes. More time keeping up with the Fan Tracks. Yes, that’s right, Fan Tracks. That’s where you’ll find the fun in the fans. I’m sure your fandom has a Track – you don’t want to miss it! Check out a few of my favorites, and join in the incredible fast track to all things FAN at Dragon Con! Be sure to keep checking out the Dragon Con Schedule to look for changes to date and time.


American Sci Fi and Fantasy Track. ~because I love Almost Human american Sci fi and Fantasy Media These guys have their bases covered with great panels, events and pure Sci-Fi adventures that help make your Dragon Con experience even more awesome! Though we always keep an eye out for schedule changes these sound interesting: Friday’s Gender and Sci-Fi Media. And Sunday’s Almost Human – one of my favorites that got cancelled. They are covering so many of our most loved shows, new, current and past. The list can be found on their site, including Almost Human, Game of Thrones, Arrow, Once Upon a Time, Continuum, and Under the Dome. (there are about 20 something – go check it out!) Lots and lots and lots to see, hear and discuss!


Whedonverse. ~because, gorram, I love Firefly (and all things Joss Whedon) I’m quite cognizant of the fact that I really don’t need to say more than Whedonverse, however, I will. Actually there are plenty of words I could add. Like Shiny. Shiny’s not all Whedonverse has to offer. There’s Buffy, Firefly, Angel, Firefly, Dr. Horrible, Firefly, Avengers, Firefly. Okay, really, there’s plenty of Whedon love spread around in this Fan Track with costume contests, sing-a-longs, balls, panels, guests, and karaoke as the base for this Whedonverse Fan Track. Dohn luh mah? 懂了嗎?


Alternate History Track ~ because I so very much love Steampunk. Talk about Costumes! Their costume contest is probably THE most interesting thing you will see at Dragon Con, at least as far as costumes go. Such imagination – looking into a past future. Victorian era on acid, with gears, gadgets and gizmos. And they have a Fashion Show, too. Put that on your list of ‘Don’t miss this one’. There is such a realness to all things in this Fan Track. Convincingly the past that was so futuristic. Airships of brass and canvas, angels with geared wings, armaments with tubes and copper wires. One should consider stopping in for this panel: The Desperate Steampunk No sew, Low pro Ways Towards Steampunk Garb and Gears. Or perchance you’d fancy: Steampunk Themes in Dr. Who, a cross panel. The schedule for these and all their events can be found on the Dragon Con schedule or the Alternate History web site. Oh, and by the way, they have a museum. Yep. A real Alternate History, steam power extravaganza!


Stargate Multiverse ~ because I die a little everyday without my Stargate SG-1 – both teams. Can you feel my pain? Stargate, Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis and Stargate Universe abounds. Panels, guests, discussions, and die hard fans are rolling again at Dragon Con. While their website is still under construction, there’s plenty of party in the planning. It’s always such fun to revisit Stargate and meet up with old and new fans. tumblr_na0jemYkuu1smu4ago1_500


You can locate Stargate Multiverse on the Dragon Con Map, er, Schedule.



Whatever your fandom, you can find your squee right here…

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