Creation Stargate Chicago 2014

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Creation Stargate Chicago 2014

Headlines from the Con:

AMichael Shanks at Chi14rguably the biggest news, and an announcement that sent a large portion of the audience into cheers, was that Michael Shanks’ medical drama Saving Hope is returning to the US! After the first season was cut short by NBC, the series has only been (legitimately) available to Canadian fans. Now a US network is taking up the third season as well as buying the rights to broadcast the first two seasons so new viewers can get caught up! The new network has yet to come forward officially, but with the third season set to start on Canada’s CTV on September 22nd, the announcement should be coming soon!

Jason Momoa told convention goers that there will be more Red Road coming our way. He will be filming more next month.

Jennifer Spence told us that Continuum‘s future with Showcase will be decided any day now. Here’s hoping the amazing sci-fi series is renewed!

Connor Trinneer has a horror film and a western called Pray for Death coming out.

David Hewlett’s latest project Debug is due to come out very soon now, and fans are excited! Sadly David couldn’t give us an exact time frame just yet, but we’re waiting!

David Nykl will be making another appearance on Arrow!

Cliff Simon  at Chi14Under The Cover of Darkness: A Year In Moulin Rouge is Cliff Simon’s memoir that should be published soon! He also just finished voice work for two video games!

The Good:

2014 was supposed to be the last year for Creation’s Stargate Convention. I say “supposed to be” because after the announcement that Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich will be producing another Stargate movie to compliment the 1994 feature film, Creation reconsidered. They took a poll on their website and received a whopping 87% of votes in favor of a 2015 convention with another 7% voting in favor of the majority. End the last exclusively Stargate convention that exists in the US? Ha! I think not!

Back to my original point, though! Since it was going to be the last year, Creation packed the roster with 15 guests. 15 fabulous guests. I was thrilled to finally meet Jacqueline Samuda for the first time. While I had seen the other guests before, I will never be unhappy to see any of these guests again and again. They amaze me, make me laugh, and inspire me every year. I love these people, and when the convention really does have its final year I will miss them very much.

Jacqueline Samuda Chi14The Bad:

Creation OVERPACKED the roster with 15 guests! They cut the Q&A times down to 40 minutes when they used to be closer to an hour. That might not seem like much of a difference but when 5 more minutes means you get to ask your question rather than getting turned away, it matters a lot. They put three guests on stage at once, which is unprecedented in Chicago. Mind you, I didn’t actually mind because we’ve seen Joe Flanigan, Paul McGillion, and David Hewlett enough that having the three of them on stage together was a gain rather than a loss.

Because there were so many guests, the schedule was packed with photo ops, each of which had to be held one at a time because they only used one room and one photographer. It also led to a huge autograph signing session with a – once again – unprecedented 6 guests at once.

While they used to schedule other events – music video mixes, episode viewings, trivia contests, scene reenactments – during photo op and autograph sessions, this year there was only one trivia contest the whole weekend and several video mixes…but not enough to fill the downtime. In fact, there were more “intermissions,” “lunch breaks,” “dinner breaks,” and late morning starts than ever before. Granted this means I got to actually eat better than I usually do, getting three square meals. Jason Momoa Chi14Once upon a time I called a bag of chips and a pop from the overpriced hotel gift shop “lunch” because there wasn’t time to get anything else without missing something. However, the lack of trivia contests rankles when I spent months watching the entire franchise and the last month practicing trivia with a fellow guru.

Merchandise was woefully inadequate. Usually there are shirts, sweatshirts, beanie caps, baseball caps, coffee mugs, dog tags, patches, pins, and jackets of large quantity and variety. This year they couldn’t fill half the table space they normally require. There were a few shirts, some sweatshirts that sold fast and had limited sizes available, some beanies, and a tote bag. It’s as if they grabbed what little was lying around and brought it without considering the fact that this convention was PACKED and merchandise would be more in demand than past years because of people coming for their last or only convention! Creation, meet Logic. Logic? Creation. Go. Get to know each other.

The Meh:

You know what? I don’t really have a Meh category. If I had a Meh category, I’m betting “The Future of Stargate: TV Series and Movies: What Would You Like To See?” contest/discussion would be the one item in it. At this event fans pitch their TV/movie ideas and the crowd favorite wins a prize. Every time Creation has ever had this event it has gone poorly at best. Some of the ideas are good. Some are just to vague. Some just aren’t explained clearly. I’m sorry, but I wish Creation had held a Gary Jones Chi14trivia contest instead. But all of this is neither here nor there because at the time I was in line to get my photo op with Michael Shanks.

Overall the convention was much as I have come to expect. Great guests, lots of fun, technical issues, bad scheduling, long lines, and very late nights. Throw in the lack of merchandise and only one trivia contest when there are usually four, and color me rather disappointed. If it had been the very last year I would have been very upset. No one can say for sure how many more years the convention will have. I’m hoping for 2017, the projected year of Devlin and Emmerich’s Stargate sequel. Here’s hoping Creation fixes the bugs for 2015.

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