Dragon Con 2014: Supergate – Apophis & Son & Co.

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Dragon Con 2014: Supergate – Apophis & Son & Co.

On the Friday of Dragon Con Stargate fans were welcomed with not just one but two panels. There was a panel for our SGU guests, and also a panel for our SG-1 guests, along with the first of the Atlantis cast members to arrive for the weekend. When I saw the panelist list I was a little concerned. Peter Williams and Alexis Cruz have a lot in common as far as the show is concerned. They both played Goa’uld, both characters had an Egyptian background, and they worked together on some episodes. Our third guest on the panel, Chuck Campbell, played Chuck the Control Room Technician on Atlantis. You can see why they named this panel “Apophis & Son & Co.” I was a little worried Chuck would be left out of the questions and not be able to participate. I should have known better than to underestimate my fellow fans! Those who asked questions made sure that Chuck could contribute, and boy did he ever! The panel was a hoot and I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

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