The Black Glove Could Change the Narrative Game

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The Black Glove Could Change the Narrative Game

Anyone who knows me knows I’m a total fangirl for the Bioshock franchise. So you can imagine my sadness when Ken Levine (founder of Irrational Games) announced Irrational Games, the company that made Bioshock, would be closing down. Was this the end of an era?

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What about the geniuses behind my all-time favorite game? Where have they gone? Well, it turns out they’ve been very busy! They’ve teamed up under a new company, Day For Night Games, and have been pooling their creative juices to give gamers an experience like no other.

Introducing…The Black Glove.

Set in a 1920’s theater called Equinox, this first person game isn’t your average walk in the park. Players are in control not only of their surroundings, but the events AND the world around them. This concept pushes the narrative gameplay genre to the very edge. Think, Choose Your Own Adventure but in a video game. Remember those? The Black Glove falls along the same lines.

The Equinox is home to three residents (though hopefully they’ll add more): Marisol the artist, a filmmaker named Avery Arnault, and a musical group known as Many Embers. Unfortunately, their work kind of sucks. How bad could it be? Well, their work is so terrible it’s pushed the Equinox into this strange metaphysical vortex. In places time flows backwards. BACKWARDS! There’s strange music, weird things poking out of sealed doors, and probably more than the preview will show us.

This is where you hop in. It’s up to you to turn their work around. It seems like a simple, almost lame, concept. Here’s where the game’s Boogeyman comes in. Enter…the SPACE MINOTAUR! Seriously. By defeating the Space Minotaur and his goons in old school arcade-style mini games, you obtain the magical Black Glove. The Black Glove allows you to alter aspects of the artist/filmmaker/musician’s past; mainly their muse, medium and message. This means you can change Many Embers from a lounge act to a Conway Twitty-like country act, for example.

The constant variables in the game (constants and variables anyone?) mean a high chance for repeated gameplay. The creators are banking that players will want to see how all of the various combinations play out. But is it enough?

Chances are…YES! If you combine replayability with the insanely beautiful graphics and complex storytelling the folks at Day For Night Games are known for, you’ll probably have yourself a winner.

The Black Glove is currently on Kickstarter with some pretty sweet rewards and an awesome trailer. The Black Glove expected to be released for PC/Mac/Linux in late 2015.



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