Dragon Con 2014: Larry Niven

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Dragon Con 2014: Larry Niven

For many scifi fans, “Larry Niven” is a well-known name. Since 1964 he has published numerous science fiction novels and continues to author and co-author books to this day. With a background in mathematics and psychology, Niven’s books have earned the Nebula, Hugo, and Locus awards. His best known novel is Ringworld. He has written scripts for Land of the Lost series,  Star Trek: The Animated Series, and The Outer Limits. In the science fiction fandom there is something known as “Niven’s Law”: There is no cause so right that one cannot find a fool following it. There was a definite sense of awe among the audience that came to see him at Dragon Con, and I was very pleased that I was able to make it into the crowded panel. Enjoy.

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