DragonCon 2014: Video Gold You May Have Missed

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DragonCon 2014: Video Gold You May Have Missed

I didn’t expect to wind up in the movie line during DragonCon.

I mean, that line was for film buffs and art students…and people without an itinerary.

However, the best laid plans of mice and fangirls often get derailed….

And so there I was.

Maybe I was a bit bitter. Maybe.


…. I had wanted to see the Caberet…I had wanted to see some skin and hear some music. I had wanted to shut my brain off as it was now officially nearing 11pm and I’d been up and around town all day. However, we found the Caberet line snaked around the building with just a little less than an hour to go. No amount of wishful thinking or optimism was going to change the fact that I wasn’t getting in.

This was the next best thing. More importantly, it was an obtainable thing.

We waited. We talked. We found a hilarious note and then we found our seats.

The mood was was set as the lights lowered…

…and instantly I was glad I was there.

I was reminded of video entries from last year… How several videos had touched me or made me laugh.

I remembered how hard I had searched the internet for a second look.

I remembered how empty handed that search had left me.

Suddenly plan B was better than plan A…and I was pumped.

Still am pumped actually.

Do you KNOW how good movies can be?? I’ll admit, I had almost forgotten.

Anyways, this is for those of you who might have made it into your respective “Plan A’.”

Let me fill you in on what I managed to see that you might have missed.


Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse:

Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse. Red Band Movie Trailer. from Authority Films on Vimeo.
I caught this in the middle of the “Zombie Movie” screening. …And O.M.G. am I glad I did.

Okay, I’ll admit. I’ve lived in Georgia for years and as such, this movie really struck a chord with me. However, Atlanta Zombie Apocalypse (AZA from here on in) is a great short even beyond the¬†geographical target market.
AZA uses local name drops and zombie tropes like finger paints and keeps all the characters believable enough to be hilarious in the midst of a crisis. Imagine your friends at a haunted house as the zombie apocalypse hits. Belligerent, calloused, utterly unconvincable that something major might be going down… It’s a disaster.

How would it be with your friends? Hilarious? Tense? Yeah, I thought so.

The story centers around a group of four friends: Eddie, Tina, Todd and Julie, as they drive up to a haunted house in Atlanta. After some establishing lines of snark and facetiousness, they enter the house and are far from impressed…until things start getting real.

AZA’s crowning achievements stem from utilizing age old tropes and expectations to make something new. Not only do they reference current tropes like “sparkling vampires” and “zombies being overdone,” but they hit close to home by mentioning Atlanta’s proximity to the CDC and the reality of fast spreading disease.

When it comes to AZA everything you think you know is wrong, and everything you might expect to see is right on the mark…but not in the way you’d expect it.

It was funny, it was gory, it was horrifying, and it was a perfect action horror movie. It was an absolutely amazing achievement of zombie cinema and I wish I could see it again right now.
The movie also made the term “dicksplasher” a thing, and for that (and for the drama and laughs) I’m thankful.

The above trailer is likely all you’ll be able to get outside of film screenings for now, but if this short is coming to a theater near you, do yourself a favor and go watch it!


Time Lapse

This was a showing all its own…and it should have been. I walked into this movie with no prior knowledge of what it could be about…and I couldn’t be happier for it.

Honestly? I wish I could just link the movie so that you could experience it as I did…with no idea where it was coming from or where it was going….

I can’t.

It’s another of these “only at screenings” films. The link to the trailer is above, and even that is more than I went into this movie with. if you have a moment, visit the site, see where it’s showing and go see it.

Don’t read the rest of this.

For those of you that won’t be able to see it until it’s released online or on disc eventually, let me give the most spoiler free synopsis I can…

Three friends discover that there has been a camera pointed at their living room window. They also discover that that camera takes a picture of their living room 24 hours in the future. As they investigate and involve themselves further, they discover a world of drama and angst they would have never dared to dream about.

This is a daring psychological drama that sucks you in right from the start and doesn’t let you go even after the movie ends.


All You Can Eat
(Fan Choice Award)

Why is this a fan favorite?

Well, if you’re a twisted individual (or one that appreciates telling a story from a new perspective) step on up to find out. This is a dark, poignant video that starts at the end and will definitely leave you feeling something…for better or worse.

Click the link for the full experience. …But don’t blame me for how you feel afterwards.


In The Beginning
(Animated Short Winner)

In the Beginning from Arthur Metcalf on Vimeo.
Do you like cute? Do you like kids? Do like weirdly veiled feminism and giant unicorns? Then this short is for you!
For once, I can link you to the entire piece without attaching a warning!

Watch it! It’s great!


The Portal
(Fantasy Winner)

THE PORTAL – TRAILER from first love films on Vimeo.

Alright ladies, how do you feel about Thor?

You know, the whole idea of some ridiculously hot, magical guy falling into your world and requiring your help?

Are you into the idea? Good, because this…this is that. Maybe there’s a bit more magic. Maybe there’s a bit less Norse. All and all though, it’s a great romp with some genuinely heartwarming moments and a very handsome piece of eyecandy.
Oh…You want a synopsis? Well… It’s a story of a very handsome magical man poofing into our world and then seeking out the help of an unsuspecting travel agent. There aren’t many surprises, but there are a few laughs and a ton of heart. Check this one out.




OK- I’m a bad reporter. I know Leviathan won an award at Dragon Con, but I’m not sure what category it was for.

I saw this movie twice…once by accident and again during the award show. …I still am not sure what I’m looking at, but damn is it ever beautiful and surreal.

Kudos John Yeo!



Roommates Trailer from Justin McLachlan on Vimeo.

Have you ever had a roommate?

Have you ever had a superpower?

Have you ever reeeeeally wanted that last donught?

This is the story of what might happen if two super powered beings lived together… The results are both astonishing and hilarious.


Star Drunk

This may not be high cinema, but it is pretty funny. An entire sci-fi movie written, filmed, and performed drunk. It’s exactly what you think it is…an exploration of the absurd and inane. It’s still enjoyable though!

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