Dragon Con 2014: Guests From Middle Earth

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Dragon Con 2014: Guests From Middle Earth

When I was young, my mother read me the works of J.R.R. Tolkien chapter by chapter for weeks on end. It was bedtime tradition, and even if the chapter finished with a tense note, that was where we left it. Later on in life, I discovered the animated versions of The Hobbit and The Return of the King. I was able to see another person’s vision of what I had assumed were my own personal daydreams as narrated by one of the greatest storytellers of our age. (Maybe it was the animation style, but Kili and Thorin never struck me as handsome until recently…just throwing that out there.)

Today, we’re all beyond lucky… Not only do we have multiple interpretations of Tolkien’s epic works (with gorgeous dwarves no less!), but we have movies that transcend imagination. Movies that utilize effects and incorporate story elements we may have never dreamed of previously.

Still, one must wonder what it feels like to be part of making such an epic tale. What must it feel like to play the part of a noble dwarf or beleaguered hobbit? Luckily, we have first hand accounts of such ‘unexpected journeys’ straight from this year’s Dragon Con.

Tune in for insights as to what our favorite dwarves and hobbits felt in character as well as what they suffered through as human actors in one of the first panels of the Tolkien track at this year’s Dragon Con!

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