Desert Bus For Hope

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Desert Bus For Hope

So I know my intro post hasn’t been put up yet here on Space Gypsies.  That’ll get done soon enough (like tomorrow).  However, there’s something else I want to talk about: Children and Charity.  For those of you who don’t know, there’s a Canadian Comedy Troupe that does daily sketch videos and video game reviews for the Escapist Magazine called LoadingReadyRun.  I’ve been watching them for quite a few years now due to my husband’s insisting that I do so.  A number of years ago he told me to watch this 24hr livestreaming of LRR’s called Desert Bus for Hope.  Long story short, they play the worst video game ever (Desert Bus from Penn & Teller’s Smoke and Mirrors) for the Child’s Play Charity.  Over the years they’ve raised quite a bit of money and this year is their 8th year of doing so.

They have live and silent auctions going on throughout the drive as well as a number of celebrity call ins.  This year is their 8th year and as of 11/18/14 they’ve hit $2mil lifetime (at the time I’m writing this, they’re at over $602,739 and have been playing for almost 155hrs.  That’s since Friday of last week.).  $2 million dollars over the course of 8yrs has been donated to Child’s Play Charity.  I’ve donated probably close to $200 of my own money towards this charity because I feel so strongly for this.  Child’s Play takes the money donated to them and purchases all types of games and consuls and gives them to hospitals for kids to play with, especially those going through chemo and the like.

While the stream is pretty much over until next year, I urge anyone who can get there to do so.  LRR is a funny group and what they’re doing is wonderful. I understand donating may be hard to do at this time, but do know it’s tax deductible.  Even $5 helps (sometimes that even gets you in for a giveaway).

If you missed the charity livestreaming, and you still want to donate to Child’s Play, you can donate through

We’re all geeks/nerds/what have you.  Think of the children.


Check out LRR at the following links:

Twitter: @loadingreadyrun



If you couldn’t watch online but want to see what they did, Desert Bus can be found here:

Twitter: @desertbus; Hashtags: #DB8 or #DesertBus


Child’s Play:

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