The Resistance is Back!

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The Resistance is Back!

Four years after Cheyenne Mountain Entertainment was denied MGM’s license, some dedicated and determined fans have managed to bring the Stargate Resistance game back to life! Using servers run by these individuals, the game is now available for anyone to play, FOR FREE!

SGR snapshot 1Stargate Resistance was, and now is, a third person shooter/online game with a lot of potential for development. It is high quality, fast paced, and well deserving of the Stargate name. The play is true to the series, using weapons and tactics that Stargate fans are familiar with. The detail of the maps is stunning, and I never tire of exploring. I spent countless hours playing when the game first debuted, enjoying every minute available to me when it was announced the game would be discontinued.  With the loss of the Stargate Unleashed App game, this is the closest Stargate fans can get to experiencing the franchise. I, for one, relish it.  

The original game set up was almost too simple for the complexity of maintaining it. Rather than requiring a monthly or even annual fee to play, members paid once and never had to pay another cent. When the game expanded, adding more maps, features, and game play modes, the funds weren’t there to pay for the work, let alone the cost of running the servers. This, along with MGM’s bankruptcy problems and the small number of people who ultimately bought it, led to the end of the game.

The game is now back and it has nearly as much potential as it originally did, thanks to those amazing individuals who have made this possible. There is talk of building onto the game, though this will be no easy feat. For now the goal is to make everything work as it once did. Recent updates allow individual statistics and achievements to be recorded. When I first started the game it was necessary to use coding language to log into an active gaming server. That has since been corrected and you can now access maps as originally designed via the Galactic Map. It goes to prove that those involved have the know-how needed to bring the game back to it’s former glory, and perhaps even improve it.

SGR 2There are also some interesting modifications being made. Currently there are a couple of hacked servers being run. Would you like to be able to run faster and jump higher? Try a hacked server! Be warned though: while the changes make somethings easier, it also makes things harder. You can fall two stories and not get hurt, but a Goa’uld can send you flying so high with a kinetic pulse that he has time to recharge and throw you again before you can land. You can also jump into a no-go zone and commit game suicide if you can’t learn to control your movements with the altered gravity.

The drawback that gamers are currently experiencing is a lack of activity due to too few players. Not enough people know that the game is back, and not only do when need those players to return, but we need new blood as well. Without more than one player you cannot exit the spawn doors unless a game has been left in progress. So what are you waiting for?

Join the Forum for instructions on how to download the game, news, tech help, and updates. Submit suggestions or offer to help if you have the needed expertise. Say hello and get to know this amazing bunch of fans.

You have nothing to lose! IT’S FREE! Whether you are a Tau’ri or a System Lord, a Jaffa or a Sniper, come join us!

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