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 Now is the time when I give you the usual warning of spoilers. Though this post should have happened several weeks ago so you’re likely caught up by now though. Still, enjoy Episode 5 of The Gates, “Repercussions!”

Please note: the pictures contained herein are a bit scattered. No pictures for Episode 5 were ever posted. (sad face).

Dylan disposes of Coffee Stalker’s (Teresa) body in the woods, erasing all evidence of the crime. 

Nick goes down to breakfast and Sarah says that Dr. Peg says Charlie doesn’t have Mono.  Sarah reminds Nick of the event that night hosted by Frank Buckley, owner of The Gates. Dylan arrives to pick up Emily and Nick doesn’t want to let him in the house. Sarah, being the nice woman that she is, invites him in anyway. As he enters, Dylan tells Nick that they need to talk. Nick is worried about Sarah volunteering with Claire at the school but Sarah tells him there’s nothing to worry about. Of course, Sarah also doesn’t know that her friend is a vampire. 

Dylan and Nick get to know each other at a local diner. Dylan tells Nick that he has no intention of harming Nick or his family. He also dispels a lot of vampire myths. Holy water doesn’t affect him. That was the Vatican PR machine working overtime. He doesn’t sleep in a coffin and he can see his reflection in the mirror. Garlic on the other hand, while it does affect him it’s more in the heartburn category. 

Dylan refuses to tell Nick who the other vampires in The Gates are. The less people that know the better. Nick wants to fix what happened last night but the only problem is the body. Dylan tells him that there is no body. If there is no body there is no crime. Poor Nick. It’s Dylan’s way or the highway but that doesn’t mean Nick won’t try! 

At the station Marcus says he wants to file a missing person report. Leigh writes it off as Teresa dumping him and reminds him that they can’t do anything until Teresa has been missing for 48 hours.  Nick agrees (of course) that Marcus is over reacting. I give Marcus credit. If she skipped out on him why did she leave all of her stuff at his place? 

It’s time for a new character! YAY! At Devon’s Day Spa we meet Vanessa Buckley, current trophy wife of Frank Buckley. It just so happens that Vanessa and her less than brilliant, but plot moving friend are in the spa to pick up something. Apparently Frank was cheating on Devon with Vanessa, then the two got a divorce. Big surprise there. Devon and Vanessa talk over a cup of tea (why is it always tea with Devon?) and seem to have patched up their differences. Not to be completely awkward or anything, Vanessa invites Devon to Frank’s party. Weird…just weird. You don’t do that! 

Sarah and Claire are hanging up posters at the school when Sarah is offered a job from the principal. Our favorite town gossip, Barbara, stops by with some supplies and breaks up the excitement. Barbara offers up enough backhanded comments to make Claire squirm. She’s completely thrilled with herself and Claire is less than amused. I mean seriously, she’s less than amused in the “if there weren’t witnesses I’d kill you right now” sort of way. 

Marcus questions Dylan over Coffee Stalker’s disappearance after Eddie at the front gate told him Dylan’s car was the only one to leave. Did I mention that Nick already told Marcus to leave Dylan alone? I didn’t? Well, when Marcus told Nick he wanted to question Dylan, Nick told him to back off. Anyhoo, Dylan realizes fairly quickly that Marcus is there on his own. He asks Dylan where he was last night and in a smack-down of near epic proportions, Dylan tells him that he left The Gates to get cough syrup for Claire and Voila! He produces a receipt! The receipt is from a drug store several miles away which completely debunks Marcus’ whole “why were you gone for so long” theory. Marcus leaves with his tail between his legs, but tries to save his street cred by telling Dylan he wants to question Claire. Of course you do Marcus…it’s always a good idea to piss off the vampires. Oh Marcus you’re so adorable! Sometimes I just want to pinch your cheeks and give you a lollipop. 

Dr. Peg can control Andie’s succubus side with pills…just like Diabetes! Soul eating Diabetes… 

Dylan tells Claire what he did and of course she doesn’t judge him due to her own recent bad behavior. She tells him to persuade Nick not to reveal their secret. Apparently Dylan can be very persuasive…yes, yes I’m sure he can be in a very yummy vampire sort of way. 

On a lone country, ahem, Gates’ road, Nick, who apparently can’t take a hint, demands to know where Dylan hid Teresa. As if being pulled out of the car through the driver’s side window wasn’t enough, Nick has to protest. Son, don’t you know it’s not a good idea to piss off a vampire? Dylan throws poor Nick against the hood of the car and pins him there. Dylan tells him it’s his last warning before disappearing. 

At the station a royally pissed off and consequently sexy Nick tells Marcus to back off, calling him an embarrassment and sending him home for the day. Frowny face for Marcus. Poor kid. He’s just in love. 

Nick proceeds to Google “how to kill a vampire,” because clearly that’s the best course of action…right. 

Marcus goes home and decide to look through Teresa’s things. Like all good psychopaths, she left a date book behind with the dance circled in red and a picture of Nick! Marcus does what every good cop does and calls for backup. Leigh comes over and they look through all of Teresa’s things. Marcus jumps to the obvious conclusion and decides that Nick was having an affair with Teresa. Ever the voice of reason, Leigh tells him to run Teresa’s credit cards and maybe they’ll find a connection. 

Andie tells her dad that she doesn’t want to go to the party. It’s a good idea until Pegs starts her on the medicine anyway. There’s no telling how many souls she’d suck out at what’s sure to be a raucous affair (note the sarcasm). Andie asks her dad about her mom’s condition and her dad admits that her mother hurt him on occasion. More like she hurt him all the time but who’s counting? They made it work because they had no other option. Andie wants it to be possible to control her condition without the medication. Why, we don’t really know. Her dad pushes for her to suck it up and take the pills. Smart man. What is Andie’s reasoning for not wanting to take the meds anyway? Your guess is as good as mine. She is a teenage girl after all and they do a lot of things that make no sense. Hell, I did a lot of things that made no sense when I was that age! 

Marcus calls Leigh. He found the connection. Coffee Stalker was living in Chicago! Marcus comes to the station (after Nick is gone of course), and through the wonders of the interwebs, they figure out who Teresa really was. If you don’t remember, Teresa is really Amanda Walcott, the sister of the guy Nick shot in Chicago. 

Nick comes home and Sarah tells him about her job offer. He tells her not to get too attached. He still has thoughts about leaving The Gates. 

Claire isn’t ready for the party. She doesn’t think they should go in light of everything. Dylan says he’s been thinking about things and when people behave recklessly they are searching for someone to save them from themselves. “What complicates the situation is that Nick is the kind of person who is so caught up in his own agenda he can’t see the damage it is doing until it’s too late.” So without some kind of intervention he’s going to take them all down with him. What Dylan needs to do is convince him that they are on the same side. Claire asks how he’s going to do that and Dylan responds that he’s going to let Teresa do that for him. Dum dum dummmm. 

At the party Claire looks miserable while Dylan keeps an eye on Nick. Devon shows up and sneaks upstairs to one of the bedrooms. She opens a safe to reveal DVD cases with everyone’s name on them. Devon removes hers and switches out the DVD. Frank catches her as she’s leaving and Devon puts the moves on him. Frank doesn’t buy into it. 

Dylan approaches Nick as if to congratulate him and slips something into his hand. It is the location of Teresa’s body. 

Unsettled by Barbara’s gossip, Claire calls Christian and leaves a message. At first she asks him to take care of Barbara for her but then takes it back saying she will handle it herself. 

Marcus confronts Nick saying that he knows the truth about Teresa. Nick plays dumb. Marcus feels guilty that Teresa got that close to Nick in the first place. Nick assures him that he’s a good cop and sends him back to the station. 

Andie’s dad talks to Peg at the party. He’s afraid Andie’s not going to take the pills. She thinks she can control her condition like her mother did. What Andie doesn’t know is that her mother didn’t die in a car accident. Her father killed her one night when Andie’s mother lost control. They thought that they were controlling it but one night she wouldn’t stop and he was forced to kill her. 

Charlie plays Romeo and goes to Andie’s window. He throws rocks to get her attention and she meets him downstairs. It’s a really sweet and romantic gesture. Andie says that she likes him a lot but she wants to take things slowly. Charlie is head over heels for her and a decent guy so he agrees. Big “awwwww” from the audience! 

Back at the party Nick gives a great speech about community and neighbors watching out for each other. Through his voiceover we see Frank watching a video of Dylan killing Teresa. He puts the DVD in a case, labeling it “Dylan & Nick.” He puts the DVD in the safe with the rest. We see DVDs for Claire, Marcus, Simon Ford, Lukas Ford, Barbara Jenson, Brett Crezski and Leigh Turner. 

What secrets have yet to be revealed? There’s plenty more to come!

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