RPDR S7 Ep 2- Come Fly the Glamazonian Skies

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RPDR S7 Ep 2- Come Fly the Glamazonian Skies

If you haven’t seen Episode 2 of RuPaul’s Drag Race, then STOP HERE!

Warning sign

Well, let’s start episode 2 off with a bang, shall we? The queens re-enter the workroom and Kandy immediately talks shade about beating Tempest. Ouch. Again, totally not necessary coming from the queen with a 5 o’clock shadow.

The queens graciously congratulate Violet on her win, even though some clearly think Miss Fame should have won the challenge. Fame deflects any underhanded comments and goes for pleading the 5th when asked if she thought she should have won. Good on ya!

WhatViolet, not satisfied with winning the challenge and feeling the need to remain the center of attention, proclaims very loudly that she “hates Michelle Visage.”


Oh because her comment to her was rude. Michelle’s comment was that for a nude illusion challenge you came out completely naked and looking like a boy. Believe me, she could have been a lot harsher about it. Violet needs to learn to accept criticism or she’s not going to last long.

The mini challenge this week was to pose while getting blown in the face…with a leaf blower. Guest judge Moby described it best when he said, “that was probably the stupidest thing I’ve ever done.”

It was pretty dumb, but it was also pretty funny. Trixie and Ginger were the winners of the challenge, making them team captains for the main challenge. Woot!

Trixie gets blownGinger gets blown

Interestingly enough, the teams ended up dividing into two very distinct groups. There were the pretty queens, lead by Trixie and the funny queens lead by Ginger. Violet and Kandy were the last to be chosen. Imagine Violet’s shock considering she just won the last challenge! How dare they pick her last! Well, second to last. Honey, no one knew if you could pull off this next challenge.

Oh, the challenge. I forgot to mention what is was. It was a spoken word/lip synching challenge! The concept? A safety video for an airline run entirely by drag queens. I’d fly that airline. We all know I would.

Glamazonian Airways

Apparently Ru also found the division of the queens interesting. In Ginger’s camp (Sasha, Jasmine, Kasha, Jaidynn, Kennedy, and Kandy), you’ve got all of the queens with theater backgrounds, dance experience, and fierce lip synching skills. It’s a powerhouse combination. Well played Ginger. Well played.

In Trixie’s camp you have Pearl, Miss Fame, Katya, Max, and Violet. Or as Ginger so delicately put it:

If you look at the other team, they look like Aryan Airlines.

Of the six, I was willing to bet only Trixie, Katya and Max had any actual theater experience. And I was right! When asked who didn’t have any dance experience, Violet replied with “I’m not a dancer, but I can’t, like, not dance.”


Miss Fame shakes her hipsWhen working with the choreographer, we find out just how limited in experience Trixie’s group is. Miss Fame can’t move her hips. I mean, really can’t move her hips. She and Pearl are constantly off beat and can’t figure out the choreography. Katya has been assigned the giant opening monologue and can’t remember it to save her soul, even though she just has to lip sync it. And Max just goes along, minding her own business. I love Max.

Ginger’s group fares better. We find out Ginger has no dance experience and Jaidynn has an old knee injury that she’s totally not using as an excuse, but that’s why she’s not putting in her all. Exsqueeze me? I still had hope for this team because at least it looked like they were getting the choreography. Even Ginger, who is doubting herself, wasn’t doing as bad as she thought.


Our extra special guest judges this week are Jordin Sparks and Olivia Newton-John. And can I just say Michelle looked great in her flight attendant uniform?

Team TrixieRu wastes no time getting to the challenge. Trixie’s group is up first. Katya’s opening monologue is obviously not memorized. Girl, you didn’t even have to actually say it! You just had to move your lips and act it out. I expected more. I’m not sure why she dropped the ball. It doesn’t seem like her.

Violet was actually a little bit of a stand out with her “I have the thinnest waist in Drag Race history” seat belt tightening part. Then they cut to the confessional and I went back to wanting to duct tape her mouth shut. Just stop. Please.

Other than Trixie sliding across the stage on the drink cart, I have no other real memories of this group. That’s probably a bad thing.

GingerKasha Davis Challenge’s group owned that stage from the moment they set foot on it. Knee injury aside, Jaidynn pulled it out. No dance experience? Ginger you could have fooled me! Ginger’s decisions when assigning parts in this group were incredibly well calculated. She gave Kasha the skat portion of the song, which pissed Sasha off to no end. Sorry Sasha, but only Kasha has the performance skills to pull that routine off. She danced around the pit crew (seated as passengers) and sang about putting their tray tables in an upright position. It was glorious.

Meanwhile, Sasha spent a good 10 seconds fumbling to get the banana clip out of her hair so she could do a sexy chair dance on a blow-up pilot. It showed lack of experience. If it doesn’t work the first time you move on and improvise. Your hair not coming down and being all sexy could have gone unnoticed. But you fumbling with that stupid clip was distracting and proved Ginger was right in giving Kasha the bigger part.

In the end, Jaidynn (whose runway look was totally adorable), Jasmine, Kandy, Kennedy, Max, Pearl and Trixie were all safe. The rest made up the best and the worst of the night.

If you ask me, it was totally between Ginger and Kasha for the win on this challenge. They both gave incredible performances. I don’t care that the judges didn’t like their runway looks. Ginger’s blue dress was elegant and Kasha’s red Coach purse was to die for. Ok, so I couldn’t see Ginger getting on a plane dressed like that, but I bought her Elizabeth Taylor on her private jet explanation.

Epic GingerGinger wins the challenge!!!!! I squealed loudly!

Kasha is safe. Violet and Miss Fame are also safe. Which leaves us with Katya and Sasha Belle in the bottom two. Again, I screamed when they called Katya. I didn’t think she was that bad. Her runway look was at least a thousand times better than Sasha’s strange Lady Bunny look.

The queens lip synched to Olivia Newton-John’s “Twist of Fate.” No pressure there. You’re just singing an Olivia Newton-John song IN FRONT OF Olivia Newton-John. Poor Katya looked like she was going to wet her pants. I was praying she could pull herself together.

Again, having seen them both perform live, I knew Katya could turn it out. I wasn’t disappointed. She seemed to get over whatever hung her up in the challenge. While Sasha stayed center stage and unmemorably gave her best, Katya moved around and gave some pretty sickening splits. Um hello, slow split? Do you realize how much skill and muscle control goes into that?

Hello slow splitKatya turns it out

The look on Ru’s face said she appreciated it as well and Katya was deemed safe. Sasha Belle was sent packing.

Tune in next week for more RuPaul’s Drag Race! If you want to see more, head on over to World of Wonder on YouTube and check out Untucked. Or just click that link. Reformatted and via web only, you’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at the latest episode.

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