RPDR S7 Episode 3- It’s Just Shakespeare Hunty

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RPDR S7 Episode 3- It’s Just Shakespeare Hunty

I don’t even know where to start with this one. There were tears last night, and not because a queen went home. The English Major in me was sobbing over the abomination of The Bard. That’s right, this week’s challenge had the queens doing Shakespeare…and it wasn’t pretty.

Sissy that WalkerA mini challenge in which the queens had to express their inner Golden Girls, left Max and Kennedy with the wins. Though, I maintain that Kennedy is a great dancer, no old woman is going to be able to bend her knees like that. Max, however, was flawless and adorable.

The teams go pretty much how you think they would. Max chooses Trixie, Kasha, Ginger, Jaidynn, and Miss Fame. Kennedy has Jasmine, Katya, Kandy, Pearl, and Violet. Of course Violet was chosen last, and of course she was all pissy about it. As if! Honey, they keep choosing you last because your attitude stinks. There is literally no other reason.

The queens are challenged to perform variations on two of Shakespeare’s most famous works. Romy and Juliet, and MacBitch. At this point I’m intrigued. I adore Shakespeare and even those these are two of my least favorite of his works (I prefer his comedies), I’m curious to see how it goes.

Not much screen time is given to Max’s team during the practice. Why? Because they’re all seasoned actors. At the very least, they know the original play they’re parodying. Max does a good job of assigning roles. Kasha is cast as Lady Capulet. Why? Because she’s the oldest. We know this because Captain Obvious AKA Kandy, points it out. What’s with her and pointing out how old people are? Kasha wins with the “really queen?” look she shoots her.

Violet is sulking because Kennedy wants her to play the ghetto character and not Lady MacBitch, even though she’s perfect for the part. Jasmine is giddy because she got her way and gets to be Lady MacBitch. Pearl doesn’t even know what Macbeth is. Not a clue. She’s never even heard of it. HOW?

“Call me illiterate.” – Pearl

Yes. Yes, I will. Did you go to high school or did you sleep through it? Not to mention that anyone with any theater experience knows about the Macbeth curse.

Toto, I have a feeling this is going to end badly.

At the last minute, Kennedy decides Violet and Jasmine aren’t performing up to snuff, and switches their roles. Violet makes the logical suggestion that they at least read through it with the new roles since they’re running out of time. But why would we do something logical? Oh no, Kennedy doesn’t want to run through it as a group. She wants everyone to go study their parts on their own.

Have you ever even been in a play? That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works! Violet, however, seems to be the only one on that team that realizes this is not a good idea.

Team MaxUp first is Team Max. Everything is going well until Jaidynn has an anxiety attack. Both Ru and Michelle Visage are stunned at the breakdown. It’s all just too much for Jaidynn, who wants this so badly. The stress of the competition seems to be getting to her. This is an acting challenge and Jaidynn swears she can’t act.

“Honey, you’re a drag queen. You can ACT!” Michelle tells her.

Team Max is supportive of their sister and huddle around her to calm her down and build up her confidence. Max in particular, takes hold of Jaidynn and tells her she can do this. Go Max! You can feel the love oozing through the screen.

They’re able to pull it together and finish their skit.

From the get go, Team Kennedy is off to a bumpy start. They either don’t know their lines or they’re flubbing them left and right. I should note right here, that these skits aren’t even in Shakespearian English. There is ZERO excuse for screwing up the lines this badly!

At this point, I’m getting mad. There’s a complete lack of effort and professionalism among this team. They’ve just thrown in the towel. The only two who know what they’re doing are Violet and Katya. But they can’t tow the line for everyone else.

It’s so bad that RuPaul tells them this is the worst that any team has done in seven seasons!

For the mainstage, the challenge is “Bearded and Beautiful.” Joining the judges this week are former Spice Girl, Mel B. and actress, Kat Dennings. Ross Mathews was sadly absent.

Max RunwayOn to the runway!

I’m always amused when my husband watches Drag Race with me. He likes to provide commentary from “the straight perspective.” It’s hilarious. He didn’t hold back in commenting on which queen’s bearded couture he liked. The winners? Max, Kasha, Katya, Miss Fame, and Violet. As a bearded man, I think he was slightly put off when the beards didn’t match their wigs.

The queens line up on the runway and RuPaul tells them they’re ALL up for elimination!

“You done screwed up!” – My Husband

After a commercial break, we’re treated to the final cuts of the queens’ Shakesqueer skits. Team Max pulls it out. Actually, it was quite good. I’m not a fan of Romeo & Juliet, but I’d watch Romy & Juliet. I would say all of the queens were equally strong in this challenge. Ru names Max the winner and I think it’s very well deserved. Max supported her team and kept them together, like a good leader. Her runway look was also the best of the bunch. You have a new fan in me Max!

Team Kennedy’s skit is…well, there’s no other word for it than “painful.” I’ve watched this episode twice now and it actually hurts me to sit and watch it. I get that Shakespeare is complicated. I understand that without a basic knowledge of the original play, it’s probably hard to figure out how to play your parodied character. But the script seemed pretty self-explanatory and you didn’t have to turn out any Shakespearean English.

Team KennedyNo, Team Kennedy, you stunk because you didn’t practice, you weren’t professional, and you put zero effort in. Violet points out that she had suggested they go over the script together and Kennedy refused. Normally, I wouldn’t be a fan of this sort of move, but it was deserved. Ru agrees.

Actually, Ru got pissed.

I think Ru laying the smack down on the queens and telling them to knock it off with the excuses was my husband’s favorite part!

In the end, Pearl who looked like Mugatu from Zoolander, Violet with her poorly constructed dress (Thank you Kasha for pointing that out during Untucked! I don’t know why the judges missed the obvious strain on her bodice), Katya, and Kandy are safe. Kennedy and Jasmine are up for elimination.

Seeing the queens perform live in advance kind of gives a bit of an edge as to who would win a lip synching challenge. Still, you never know what could happen. Normally, Kennedy has the dance moves to pull it off, but her dress limits her movements. Jasmine has the charisma, but she’s not as strong as Kennedy on stage. Your eye is drawn to Kennedy the entire time.

Jasmine is eliminated.

Eleven queens remain. Who will survive next week’s singing challenge?


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