Update!! Stargate SG-1 Audio Dramas

SpaceGypsy1 August 20, 2010 No Comments »

BigFinish’s plan for six Stargate SG-1 Daniel and Vala Audio Books is getting closer to completion, according to Stargate Audio Books producer, Paul Spragg! Five of the six scripts have been approved.

The audio books will run as two trilogies, one featuring Ba’al and one with the Asgard, and of course all with Daniel and Vala.

According to BigFinish… “there may be some nice ‘will they won’t they’ moments.”

Check out Big Finish’s other Stargate Audio Dramas .    Like Daniel Jackson’s Gift of the GodsBigFinish Audio Dramas Stargate SG-1.

The SpaceGypsies will keep you posted on the Daniel/Vala set. Coming soon! I wonder if I can pre-order them….

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