A LOTR Geek’s April Fool

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A LOTR Geek’s April Fool

Back in college I developed a penchant for pulling April Fool’s Day jokes on some of my friends. Actually, they started it by shuffling my Stargate DVD collection, swapping discs in cases, and cases in 10 season box sets. That began a prank war that lasted months, but I digress.

Since becoming a renter and living with one of my closest college friends, April Fool’s Day has become a favorite holiday. Probably for me more than my roommate, SpaceGypsies contributor Sibley. She is an easy mark.

This year I pulled a prank that I fear I will never top. With a little enabling from GreenEggsNSamm who sent me a weblist of ideas, I grabbed my dear friend’s unlocked phone and proceeded to change nearly every single contact name into a Lord Of the Rings character name. As a fan and self proclaimed expert, I knew she would appreciate that, if no other part of this joke. I even used some really obscure names to test her.

IMG951105I didn’t end there though! Next, I texted every mutual contact we have, including her mother and sister, telling them what I had done; and, in the cases of those who cared, who I renamed them as. I asked them all to text Sibley something random over the course of April 1st, and not give away their true identities.

This played out better than I could have hoped. At 7 am I had a text from Sibley – who quickly figured out that I was Eowyn because of her phone’s saved chat history – warning me that I had better have made a list of who was who! I did…but I didn’t tell her that!

Sibley spent the rest of the day trying to correct her contacts, while our friends peppered her with texts. I have to applaud my LOTR loving friends. When I asked them to text Sibley, I didn’t really expect the diabolical Tolkien-inspired messages that resulted. When I got to read them that night I nearly died laughing! Take a look, and see if you can identify the character.

Screenshot_2015-04-02-18-36-38 Screenshot_2015-04-02-18-36-29




























This is why I think I will never be able to top this prank. Without our geeky LOTR friends helping out this could have fallen flat. This was a team effort. How many practical jokes do that? How in Middle Earth am I going to top this?!

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