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Ok, this had better be the final acting challenge. We’ve all waited a long time for this and now it’s finally here…the Drag Race tradition…SNATCH GAME!

For those of you who don’t know, Snatch Game is the Drag Race equivalent of the old game show Match Game. Except in this version, the queens do their best celebrity impersonations. This is where I got a bit sad because Mrs. Kasha Davis does a killer Liza Minnelli impersonation. We’re talking spot on ladies and gentlemen. I was hoping to see her get a chance to do it on Snatch Game because, by golly it’d be hilarious. Alas, that didn’t happen.

This isn’t an easy game, btw. The queens have a LOT to live up to. Past Snatch Games brought us such amazing impersonations as:

Pandora Carol Channing
Pandora Boxx’s Carol Channing
Jinkx Little Edie Gif
Jinkx Monsoon’s Little Edie
Bendela Maggie Smith

Bendela Creme’s Dame Maggie Smith

Bianca Judge Judy

Bianca Del Rio’s Judge Judy

Chad Michaels Cher

Chad Michael’s Cher

Those are BIG shoes to fill.

Speaking of Drag Race royalty, the queens get a special introductory message from Season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio. She cuts right to the chase. Ya’ll better be funny!


Early on in the Werk Room we learn what the queens’ plans are.

Oh no! Both Violet and Miss Fame were going to do Donatella Versace! The horror!

Miss Fame, at first, is very congenial and changes her character so Violet could go ahead with Donatella. Of course then Ru comes in and stirs that pot, causing Fame to change her mind and Violet to give a serious WTF look.


Katya, Ginger and Kennedy all discuss their looks and Kennedy reveals she’s going to go waaaay outside the box and be Little Richard. Katya, not so subtly, points out that the entire point of the game is to impersonate a female celebrity (hence the name). Despite Ru’s unsure comments, Kennedy sticks to her guns.


Game time!


The lineup this year is interesting. We’ve got:

Ginger as Adele
Jaiden as Raven-Symone
Katya as Suze Orman
Kennedy as Little Richard
Max as Drag Race winner, Sharon Needles
Miss Fame as Donatella Versace
Pearl as Big Ang
Violet as former Drag Race contestant, Alyssa Edwards.

Here’s the good, the bad, and the meh of it:

The Good:

Ginger- Even though I was seriously hoping she would do Dance Mom’s Abby Lee Miller, Ginger killed it as Adele. I didn’t even realize Adele had a personality let alone could be hilarious. The highlight? When she pointed up at Suze Orman (Katya) and said “I love you Justin Bieber.” HI-LARIOUS


Violet- I rag on Violet a lot, but she did a really good job considering she literally turned this impersonation out at the last minute. Her Alyssa Edwards was spot on. She didn’t get a whole lot of screentime, but Violet did a bang up job.


Katya- Suze Orman is one of those celebrities I consider more irritating than funny, but Katya managed to make her hilarious. I thought she was pretty spot on.


Pearl- I don’t know who Big Ang is and I thought Pearl’s makeup was terrible. I looked up Big Ang and I still don’t get it. But she had a few funny one-liners and seemed committed to the character. She gets points for that.


The Bad:

Max- Oh Max…I get where you were going with this, but Sharon Needles was not the celebrity to put a Disney spin on. She’s way too complex and layered for that. I actually would have rather seen you play a Disney princess. Now that would have been funny.


Miss Fame- Part of me thinks Miss Fame should have let Violet play Donatella Versace, but I’m not 100% sure her Long Island Medium would have been any better. I’m not really sure Violet’s Donatella would have been better either. Actually, I’m not really even sure why Donatella Versace would be funny. I clearly don’t know enough about fashion.


The Meh:

Kennedy- That’s right. I’m putting Kennedy under the “Meh” column. I know everyone loved her Little Richard and raved about it…but aside from one or two good lines, she just wasn’t that funny. And her voice was definitely NOT high enough. It just fell a little flat for me.


Jaidynn- I get where she was going, but Raven-Symone as an impersonation really only has a few funny bits. She does get the wide-eyed “I’m having a vision” down perfectly. But after a while it just isn’t funny anymore. For what it’s worth, she does look almost exactly like Raven-Symone.


As the queens prepare for the main stage, Katya has an anxiety attack. The pressures of the show are bringing up old demons, especially those of self-doubt. We learn that Katya is a former addict, 1 year sober…GO KATYA! And she calls on Miss Fame, also sober (9 years!!!) for support. The two can relate on a level the others can’t and I love this personal moment between them. Fame shows genuine support, sympathy, and love for Katya. I got a little teary eyed.


Our guest judges this week are Tamar Braxton and Michael Urie, who were also the contestants on Snatch Game. The queens were asked to turn out their best “leather and lace” looks.


Ginger is out first in white leather and lace. This sort of Elvis Presley (which she adorably pronounces “Preasley”) inspired look is one of my favorites from Ginger. It’s out of the box for her and I’m glad she jumped out. She’s got LEGS and they are FABULOUS!


Katya gives us kind of a lacy sparkly catsuit thing. We know Katya’s body is amazing and she can pull off these looks like no other. She looks confident and I’m glad. I’m definitely getting leather and lace from this look and the mixture of lace textures is really pretty up close.


Kennedy comes out in yet another mermaid gown. I think this is her signature shape. That’s fine. It works very well for her. But where’s the lace? Maybe it looked different in person, but I saw no lace. I saw leather that was cut to look almost like chain mail, but no lace. Or was that supposed to be the lace?


Violet emerges with a horse bit in her mouth. I’m not kidding. She’s serving some weird fetish look that she claims is 1940’s inspired. I’m not seeing 40’s, but I get the fetish part. Overall the look is well put together and she pulls it off nicely. Violet does fashion very well.


Max has this black widow thing going on complete with a spiderweb fascinator and red hourglass on her tush. The corset has an interesting geometric shape to it and even though her wig isn’t gray, the look is still 100% Max. I’m glad her style was able to transcend the gray wigs, but I do kind of love them on her.


Jaidynn gives us another of her original creations and I really like it. It’s sort of a high/low leather circle skirt (I love circle skirts) with a nude illusion top accented with black lace. As a fellow seamstress, I know that top wasn’t easy to make. Maybe that’s why I appreciate it so much. I think she did a great job. It’s not as eye catching as the other’s queens’ looks, but it is 100% Jaidynn Diore Fierce.


Pearl looks like she just stepped off the set of Grease in the pink leather jacket we’ve seen her in at least twice now. It is a great jacket…but I wanted something different. This look seems to be classic Pearl and very true to her aesthetic. It’s a good look for her. It just didn’t wow me.


Finally we have Miss Fame. Her corset reminds me of Max’s, but she’s chosen to pair it with a lace turtleneck…didn’t know you could make those sexy. Now I know. I’m not 100% sure she’s wearing underpants or if the corset just covers up her bits. I’m assuming it’s a sort of leotard bottom under that black lace skirt. It’s a good look and, like with Pearl, very typical Miss Fame.



For the first time in Drag Race history, there are TWO winners to the Snatch Game! Ginger and Kennedy take home the win! WOOT! I’m tellin’ ya, something would have gotten thrown if Ginger hadn’t won. Her Adele even had my husband laughing!


Max takes a break mid-critique to loosen her corset and we see a PA handing her some water while she sits on the steps of the stage. I don’t read too much into this. I’ve worn corsets. They’re tight. They’re hot. Standing under stage lights must make them 10,000 times worse.


Break or no break, we find Max and Jaidynn in the bottom two. Oh no. I adore them both! Max for her quirky age of glamor charm and ladylike nature, and Jaidynn for her energy, drive, and fierce performance skills. Honestly, I think Fame should have been in the bottom. I felt her performance was weaker than Jaidynn’s. But alas, I’m not Ru.

I’m sure you can guess how this lip sync went down. The song selected simply wasn’t Max’s style but she tried her hardest and poured her heart and soul into her performance. Jaidynn had the advantage of this being her style of song and having a GIANT wig to swing around. It really added to the effect.


Jaidynn stays and Max must sashay away. Goodbye Miss Max! You brought me back to the days of Hollywood glamor and made me long for a bygone era. You will be missed.


In a twist some of us saw coming, Ru reveals at the end of the episode that she may have made a mistake and sent a queen home too early. But, shocker, she doesn’t know quite who it was yet.

Of course you know who it is Ru. This show is pre-taped. Still, the internet is burning bright with #BringBackMyQueen posts for Trixie Mattel, Mrs. Kasha Davis, Max, Tempest Dujour, and Kandy Ho.

Who will it be? I know I have my favorites I’d like to return, but honestly, as long as it’s not Kandy I’ll be happy.

Until next week!

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