RPDR S7 Ep8- Conjoined Queens!

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RPDR S7 Ep8- Conjoined Queens!

Last week, RuPaul closed the show saying she’d made a terrible mistake…she may have sent one queen home by mistake. Oh noes!

Let’s get real here. The show is pre-taped so Ru already knew what queen was coming back. Still, fans took to Twitter, Facebook, and every other social media platform to chant for their favorites. At the very least, it was a strong show of support and love for the eliminated queens. Go Fans!

Yay! We get another mini challenge. This time, our extra special (and super awesome) guest judge is none other than Latrice Royale! Love this queen!!


The challenge…Orange is the New Drag.


The queens are given prison garb and 20 minutes to create an outfit. The results were pretty hilarious. Ru’s banter was even better. Points go to Miss Fame for her fake “Farm Life” tattoo. LOVED IT.

The winner…Kennedy Davenport. Her outfit was pretty good, but I liked Ginger’s better. Then again, I’m biased. I admit it.

As promised, RuPaul reveals the queen she felt was sent home too soon. And the winner is…

Trixie Mattel!


Saw that one coming.

What I DIDN’T see coming was that Trixie wasn’t the only queen Ru brought back for this episode. Oh no…she brought ALL of the eliminated queens back!



Ginger wasn’t as excited.


Really, I’m just happy I get to see Mrs. Kasha Davis perform again. Look at that cheeky grin.


I’m super happy Tempest is back too. I love this queen! I really wish we had gotten to see more of what she can do. She’s pretty darn talented.


I’m happy to see Jasmine Masters’ smile again too. I know she’s had a rough go of it, but that smile lights up a room.


Kennedy’s prize for winning the mini challenge is to pair the queens up for the maxi challenge. During the maxi challenge, each queen will be paired with an eliminated queen, which they’ll have to make over to be their twin…their CONJOINED twin! Mwahahahahaha! The catch? Or should I say extra catch? The eliminated queen that wins the challenge will get to stay. The rest will go back home. That means, whichever team loses the lip sync, both queens will go home.

FINALLY a challenge that has nothing to do with acting! Can I get an amen?

Our pairs are:
Kennedy and Jasmine
Miss Fame and Kandy
Violet and Max
Pearl and Trixie
Katya and Kasha (YAY!)
Jaidynn and Tempest
Ginger and Sasha

Most of the pairs seem to be working well together. Well, except for Ginger and Sasha. Neither of them sew, but instead of working together, Sasha seems to think her time is better spent walking around and chatting with the other queens. Ginger is obviously irritated. I was kind of hoping she’d go all poison glamor toad on her, but alas, she didn’t. Sasha would have deserved it. I give Ginger props for pretty much making the costumes by herself. Foam and spandex can be hard to work with.


Jaidynn and Tempest are the least likely pair, but they end up with a backstory that not only fits, but is hilarious. See, back in the Studio 54 days their mother was a bit of a “regular.” One night she had so many partners she couldn’t keep track. The end result? A very interesting set of conjoined twins! Love it!


Sasha’s complete lack of interest in the project has Ginger feeling nervous…really nervous. Remember, if they lose Sasha just goes back home. Ginger is the one that faces elimination. It’s a tough spot to be in and she seeks out Katya for comfort and advice.


While sharing a work table, Kasha compliments Violet on the change she’s seen in her. At first Violet thinks Kasha is being snarky, but Kasha assures her it’s genuine. She’s impressed with the positive change in Violet and she admires her for it. Awwww.


I really do enjoy watching the queens get ready. It’s an interesting glimpse inside the transformation process. This is also a time when the queens usually open up about some personal stuff.

As Jaidynn applies her makeup, we learn that Tempest’s devout Mormon mother has never seen the show. In fact, Tempest had even undergone conversion therapy. For those that don’t know, conversion therapy is a very traumatizing process where homosexuality is assumed to be a mental disorder. It’s also completely ineffective because, well, homosexuality is not a mental disorder. Conversion therapy is so harmful there are currently several attempts to ban it completely.


Thankfully Tempest made it through and grew in the process, but she is no doubt still scarred from the ordeal. Violet comments how great it is that she found her true self. Tempest says she considers it a miracle.


As if you haven’t already had enough of the feels, we learn more about Trixie’s past. While Pearl puts on her makeup, Trixie, (whose real name is Brian), reveals her life growing up with an abusive stepfather. So abusive that Trixie was removed from the home. The stepfather would call him a “trixie” whenever he did something effeminate, making it a very hurtful word. When Brian got into drag, he decided to take that shaming word and turn it into something positive. Thus Trixie Mattel was born. So inspiring.


Ok, dry your eyes. It’s time for the Main Stage! Our special guest judges this week are LeAnn Rimes and Nelsan Ellis.


First up are Miss Fame and Kandy Ho with a sort of plastic surgery look. I think it’s supposed to look like they chose to be sewn together. The look has a very comic book feel to it and is well executed.


They’re followed by the unlikely pairing of Tempest DuJour and Jaidynn Diore Fierce. I’m kind of digging the 1970’s look. The sewing is well executed and the idea to join Tempest behind Jaidynn really plays off their differences. It’s kind of a plain look, but I’m digging it.


Kennedy and Jasmine are next and of course they’re beautiful. They’ve got this Billie Holiday thing going on. It’s really beautiful.


They’re joined at the hip, but there’s this awkward piece of spandex around their knees. I’m not sure what that’s all about, but it’s all I can look at.


That’s okay, because my focus is immediately taken away by Trixie and Pearl who emerge as child beauty queens. Of course one is pretty and one is…not. From the moment they hit the runway until the moment they walk off, they SELL this look. It’s hilarious and I’m dying. These two make a great team. It’s so awesome to finally see Trixie shine. There was no holding back. Trixie pulled out all of the stops.


Violet and Max reveal they’re joined at the corset. Literally! I’m shocked by how identical these two look. They’re stunning. I also like the burlesque theme they’ve got going on. It doesn’t tell a story, per say, but it is a striking look.


Then come Ginger and Sasha joined at the breast. It’s a hilarious concept and I like the sort of Florida trailer park look they’ve chosen. It’s campy and I love camp. Despite neither of them being sewers and Sasha providing what looked like very little help, they did a good job pulling it together.


Finally we have Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis as aging hookers from Atlantic City joined at…well, their lady bits. It’s obvious Kasha took the judge’s last comments to heart and she goes all out. Complete with glass, straw and a box of wine strapped across her chest, Kasha is 100% committed to her character. She’s an equal match to Katya and neither upstages the other. Ack! This is what I wanted to see during the DESPY Awards challenge! I knew they could kill it!


Time for the judge’s critiques.

Miss Fame and Kandy Ho- It’s good, but it’s been done before. In fact, it was just done by Pearl in a previous episode.


Jaidynn Diore Fierce and Tempest DuJour- They loved the play on their differences, but felt the look just wasn’t enough when the competition was so stiff.


Kennedy Davenport and Jasmine Masters- They’re beautiful, but the judges wanted them to play it up even more, especially given the now explained fighting songstresses storyline Kennedy just provided. She seems to do that, explain the story after presenting the look rather than explaining the story with the look. Also, ZERO mention of the random strip of fabric around their legs. WTF judges?


Pearl and Trixie Mattel- The judges are LIVING for this look and Trixie doesn’t break character once. Michelle can’t stop laughing and they’re all overjoyed to see Trixie working the comedy. The lisped “Thank you esteemed panel of judges” opening from Trixie nearly made me shoot water out of my nose.


Violet and Max- Michelle is thrilled with Max’s makeover. THRILLED! She can’t get over it. The judges enjoy the beauty of the look but feel there is a lack of story behind it. Like with Jaidynn and Tempest, they’re not sure this look is enough given the competition.


Ginger Minj and Sasha Belle- While amused by the concept, the judges aren’t thrilled with the execution. They point out a nice white blob of hot glue on the side of Ginger’s boob and I can’t help but feel this was a missed opportunity for a dirty joke. LeAnn wishes the boobs looked more boob-like. Hey, foam work is hard. I think it was a good effort.


Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis- Another pair that doesn’t break character even for a moment. They’re cracking jokes and playing off the judges. The judges are eating it up and loving the look.


Given the internet kerfuffle when Trixie was eliminated the first time, it’s not hard to know who wins this challenge. I will say that I did think Katya and Mrs. Kasha Davis had a good shot. It had to have been close.

Pearl and Trixie win the challenge, which means Trixie gets to come back to the competition! Then we get hugs.


Sadly, though Katya is safe, Mrs. Kasha Davis must go home. Boo. I’m glad to hear through the grapevine that she’s making the transition to drag full time and leaving her day job. Very happy to hear she’s living her dream!

Jaidynn/Tempest and Ginger/Sasha are in the bottom two. Or is it bottom four? Either way, they must lipsync for their lives to Tiffany’s “I Think We’re Alone Now” while still conjoined! What follows is nothing short of EPIC. So rather than explain it and show you pictures, here’s a video clip courtesy of vulture.com.

See? EPIC! Even my husband put down his book and proclaimed it to be the best lipsync he’s ever seen. The judges clearly agreed.


Though Jaidynn and Tempest did a great job, Ginger and Sasha stole the show. Ginger Minj gets to stay while Jaidynn Diore Fierce sashays away.


I’m sad to see Jaidynn go. I love her bubbly personality. I adored meeting her during the Chicago premiere and could have chatted with her for hours about sewing and any number of other things. She’s the type of person who makes you feel like you’re instantly best friends. She’s warm and loving. A beautiful soul. I hope her journey and fabulous one.


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