Momoa Cancels for Creation Chicago Con

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It is with much disappointment that I must report that Jason Momoa is no longer coming to the Chicago Creation Stargate Convention this month.

“We have been advised by Jason Momoa’s convention rep that due to work commitments he is unfortunately unable to make his contracted appearance with us at the convention. We wish Jason well and hope to have him join us the next time around.” –

Jason was going to be performing a special concert for attendees on Friday night, and it is very sad that he can’t make it. Jason plays guitar and it would have been wonderful to hear him.

With Jason’s concert cancelled, the convention reverts back to it’s old format. There will be a Friday Night Cabaret. Cabarets in the past have featured guests singing, dancing, sometimes both at the same time, telling stories, reading their own poetry, or grabbing audience members to play roles in improvised Stargate episodes. It has always been a blast every year I have gone, and some of my fondest convention memories come from the Cabarets. This year’s recently announced Cabaret will feature Dan Shea, Robert Picardo, and Andee Frizzell. I know Dan and Andee will have wonderful stories to tell, and it wouldn’t surprise me if they team up to do something fun. Robert will undoubtedly sing for us, which will be wonderful. Not only does he have a really good voice as StarTrek: Voyager fans know, but he also has a talent for putting his own funny lyrics to well known tunes.

It is sad to see Jason go, but Friday night will still be one to remember. Those of us going to Dragon*Con one week later can catch up with Jason there, because he is currently still listed!

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