RPDR S7 Ep10- Prancing Queens

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RPDR S7 Ep10- Prancing Queens

I have to say I’m actually going to miss Miss Fame. I really got to like her over the last nine episodes. Maybe it was her unnecessarily long philosophical answers, her love of showing chickens, or her sweet nature that drew me to her. I feel a kindred spirit. It’s okay Miss Fame. I wouldn’t have picked up on the “how’s your head?” joke either.

RuPaul enters the Werk Room proclaiming that the queens will all receive free plastic surgery. Unfortunately, they’re going to have to do it themselves. Yikes!

Ok, it’s not that scary. The queens are given scotch tape and told to give themselves a makeover. You’d be surprised what kind of plastic surgery you can do with scotch tape. Seriously…

RPDR S7 Ep10 (1)RPDR S7 Ep10 (3)

The queens are then tasked to participate in a teaser for the “Fake Housewives of RuPaul’s Drag Race.” In the style of Bravo’s “The Real Housewives” franchise, the queens each do their best to sell their plastic surgery makeover look. It’s hilarious and really creepy.

Violet, who looked strangely like Season 6 contestant Kelly Mantle, wins the challenge. Her prize is to pair everyone up for the maxi challenge.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (18)

We can all whoop and holler because we FINALLY don’t have an acting challenge! Muppet arm flail.

Kermit Muppet Arm Flail

No really, I’m super excited about this guys. For realz. I’ve been hoping for a challenge like this for a long time.

This week, the paired off queens must perform a dance mash-up while dressed Victor/Victoria-style (half-man/half-woman).

RPDR S7 Ep10 (20)

Our pairs are:

Violet and Katya- Tango/Vogue
Kennedy and Pearl- Charleston/Twerk
Ginger and Trixie- Country/Robot

I have a bit of a dance background so I was definitely curious to see just how the choreography for these mash-ups was going to work. I couldn’t picture it in my head.

Katya doesn't look too convinced either.

Katya doesn’t look too convinced either.

The queens are given rehearsal time with Carson Kressley (who, in case you didn’t know, was on Dancing with the Stars), and Kym Johnson (Carson’s DWTS partner). I’m surprised by Carson’s ability to offer valid critiques. I didn’t think he had that much knowledge of dance. Then again, the rigorous DWTS rehearsals will probably give you plenty of dance know-how.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (29)

Kennedy, as expected, because you know, she’s a trained dancer, picks up the choreography easily. Pearl struggles. But come on, Kennedy can MOVE. Anyone is going to look weak dancing next to her unless they’re a trained dancer as well.

Pearl twerks about as well as you think.

Pearl twerks about as well as you think.


Ginger is nervous because she doesn’t know how to dance…or sew. Really? I know you’ve got rhythm Girl. Come to Chicago and I’ll teach your Whovan fanboy tushy how to sew. Ginger’s anxiety makes Trixie nervous. Trixie is determined not to let Ginger outshine her like she did on the last challenge, but with Ginger’s proclaimed lack of skills, she’s now concerned about having to lip sync…again. I can’t blame her there. I hold out hope that these two strong comedy queens will make this hoedown/robot mash-up work.

I'd be nervous too with Trixie's tiny arms holding me up.

I’d be nervous too with Trixie’s tiny arms holding me up.


Katya and Violet, in my opinion, have the most difficult choreography. Tango and Vogue are not easy to do. Both are precise. Both require attitude. Violet has the perfect look for both. Katya looks awkward, but she’s trying. Man is she trying. Give it all ya got girl!

Vogue! Vogue! Vogue! Vogue!

Vogue! Vogue! Vogue! Vogue!

Before the main stage, we find out Ginger has been up all night rehearsing her dance number. Trixie isn’t very confident in Ginger’s abilities, even with the extra practice. But from what little we’re shown in the Werk Room of Ginger’s robot moves, they’re not bad. I think Trixie knows Ginger has the performance skills to mask any lack of dance ability and it makes her nervous.

This week’s esteemed guest judges joining RuPaul, Michelle Visage, and Carson Kressley, are Alyssa Milano and Rachael Harris.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (51)


RPDR S7 Ep10 (37)

Pearl is out first and looks absolutely stunning. Both her male and female sides are gorgeous.


RPDR S7 Ep10 (38)

I like Kennedy’s flirty pink dress. It’s fun and is a nice modern take on a flapper look. I’m not seeing a stark contrast between her male and female sides makeup wise, but Kennedy also has a naturally feminine face. That could be a contributing factor.


RPDR S7 Ep10 (41)

Trixie’s cowgirl look is super adorable. I’m loving the flirty dress. Her male side is kind of lost as her female side overpowers the look. The hat isn’t helping either.


RPDR S7 Ep10 (43)

Ginger’s cowgirl look is a little lacking, but I love that she’s showing off her legs. Ginger has great legs. Her masculine side isn’t as manly and tough as a cowboy. The tux and rhinestones may have something to do with that.


RPDR S7 Ep10 (47)

Katya serves us a gorgeous tango-inspired fem-fatale, but her male side is just kind of plain. Her attitude and facial expressions make up for the plainness. The stark contrast between the sides (one overly made up with dark makeup and the other more fresh faced) is what keeps the masculine side from being lost.


RPDR S7 Ep10 (44)

Stunning. Violet is so captivating she doesn’t look real. Both of her looks are so artistic she looks like she stepped out of a cocktail ad.

I’m loving that Logo is posting clips of the queens’ performances on YouTube. Sometimes it’s so much easier to let ya’ll see it than to try and explain.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (48)

First up, Pearl and Kennedy.

Ginger and Trixie.

Katya and Violet.

Out of the three pairs, I think Katya and Violet did the best. Strangely, I felt like Pearl had more energy than Kennedy. I KNOW Kennedy can dance. She’s amazing! But this performance was just uninspired. It felt like she was coasting through it rather than putting in effort.

I enjoyed Ginger and Trixie’s performance. I don’t feel that one queen outshined the other. They had energy and made up for any lack of skill with a fun attitude. The routine could have been plucked out of a musical. I’m not sure what musical would have a country/robot mash-up, but you get what I mean.

Judges critiques!

RPDR S7 Ep10 (52)

All are marveled by the handsomeness of Pearl. He is a beautiful man. I’m glad they recognized her inability to dance and the effort she put into it regardless. It seemed like Pearl let loose and was having fun with the routine, regardless of how silly she looked. I can appreciate that.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (54)

The judges agreed and felt Kennedy’s performance was sleepy. They know she can dance and Carson feels she could have done better. Alyssa Milano disagrees and says Kennedy’s dancing felt effortless. I agree with Carson. It looked more lazy than effortless.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (56)

Michelle feels Trixie nails the runway look while staying true to the Trixie character with the dangling eyelash. Carson thought her dancing was strong, though more so for the country than the robot.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (59)

Ginger has a teeny tiny meltdown. I wouldn’t even call it a meltdown, more of an admission that she was so far out of her comfort zone with this challenge, she was near her breaking point. Michelle likes Ginger’s masculine look and her flirting, but isn’t a fan of the cowgirl outfit. I have to agree.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (61)

Rachael Harris proclaims, as a compliment, that Katya’s masculine side looks a little douchy. She hit that nail on the head. Katya is praised for her runway look and the judges seemed to enjoy the routine as well. Considering how freaked out she was during rehearsal, I’m happy Katya was able to pull it together.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (63)

Of course the judges think Violet is perfection. Don’t they always? I have to agree, especially this time. As we get to see a more positive, softer side of Violet, she’s starting to grow on me. I appreciate her aesthetic even more when she’s not being played off as the villain.

RuPaul has a difficult decision ahead of her. The six queens were all pretty on par with each other for this challenge. Honestly, of the three pairs, I feel like Pearl and Kennedy were the weakest. Pearl’s enthusiasm was awesome, but it wasn’t enough to make the routine interesting or exciting. It felt like she was dancing by herself. Katya and Violet were the strongest for me. Their routine was energetic and clean. They made a good team and worked well as partners. You could feel the connection there.

Turns out RuPaul only partially agrees with me. Violet and Katya win the challenge!

RPDR S7 Ep10 (73)


RPDR S7 Ep10 (75)

I’m still not really sure how or why Trixie and Ginger were deemed weaker than Pearl and Kennedy, but alas they’re the bottom two. On the bright side, at least this lip sync would be good.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (80)

Trixie and Ginger are strong performers, but each has their own distinctive style. I admire that Trixie’s performances all maintain that doll-like theme, but it didn’t work well with this song (“Show Me Love” by Robin S.). Sadly, her dancing came across more as flailing than doll-like.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (82)RPDR S7 Ep10 (98)RPDR S7 Ep10 (107)RPDR S7 Ep10 (108)

Ginger seemed to embody the song more than Trixie and had the facial expressions to match. She even threw in some humor along the way, sliding between Trixie’s legs then pulling herself across the stage on her stomach.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (95)RPDR S7 Ep10 (92)RPDR S7 Ep10 (101)RPDR S7 Ep10 (102)

Trixie’s movements may have been bigger, but Ginger captured your focus…and the judges’. Ginger stays and Trixie, once again, sashays away.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (112)RPDR S7 Ep10 (111)

I’m glad Trixie got to come back for a few more challenges. Her first elimination felt staged and obviously, it was. This episode felt like it was her time to go. Ginger was a formidable challenger. Still, going home when it feels like an injustice and then coming back is rough.

“If they call me back for a third time, I’m going to just stay home and play video games.”- Trixie Mattel

I hear ya Trixie. I hear ya.

RPDR S7 Ep10 (114)

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