Superstar Adore Delano Brings Back the 80’s with “Give Me Tonight”

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Superstar Adore Delano Brings Back the 80’s with “Give Me Tonight”

Can anything stop Adore Delano’s rising star? Anything? Continuously topping the charts with songs from her debut album “Till Death Do Us Party,” this RuPaul’s Drag Race alum is unstoppable.

And just when my iPod playlist was getting stale, Adore Delano releases another track worthy of the “repeat” button.

Give Me Tonight, is a cover of the 1984 hit by Shannon. A favorite song of Adore’s, she pays homage to this classic by sticking true to the song’s original dramatic vocals and contagious rhythm, but gave it a facelift that is distinctly, 100% Adore Delano.

Take a gander at the sweet music video which harkens back to the days when MTV played only music:

Unlike the song’s theme of a jilted lover begging a guy to take her back, Adore has a much stronger message…and sense of self. “No guy is worth that,” she said in a press release for the song. Amen Adore! Amen!

So what drew her to Give Me Tonight?

Give Me Tonight has always been one of my favorite songs. I remember listening to it as a teenager, imagining I lived in the movie Party Monster...I love the irony of sad desperation set to dance music. It’s almost like celebrating sadness and I can get into that.”

Give Me Tonight is just as infectious as the eight other singles released off of “Till Death Do Us Party.” This is a song that’ll make you want to tease your hair and rethink the practicality of a fanny pack…especially if that fanny pack is black leather and studded.

You can purchase Give Me Tonight through iTunes and Amazon, but do yourself a favor and buy the WHOLE album. It’s well worth it!


Keep up to speed on all things Adore Delano by checking out her website. You can also follow her on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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