Willam’s New Album is Shartistry in Motion

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Willam’s New Album is Shartistry in Motion


Fans of RuPaul’s Drag Race will always remember the sickeningly sarcastic, name-dropping, Willam from the fourth season. Known for his dry wit and “whatever” attitude, Willam quickly became a fan favorite. And being a fan favorite means that Willam has been busy…very,very busy.


Today marks the release of Willam’s brand spanking new full-length music/comedy album, “Shartistry in Motion.” (Available on iTunes). Known for his parodies, Willam could probably be considered the gay version of Weird Al, but this time fans are going to get a taste of some of his original music. Of course, this doesn’t mean Willam’s distinct sense of humor is absent. Far from it.

“This album will make you LOL like a stripper with a change belt. This album will also inspire the youth of the world to better their cutting, anorexia and bullying. That means they’ll stop, I think. Either way, it’s packed with original tunes about playground brawls, prostitutional odes and thick thighs. Some parodies are thrown in too, cause I really, really like almost being sued. Enjoy!”

I don’t know about you, but I’m sold!

The first music video, (which also happens to be Willam’s first original song), “Thick Thighs (Make the Dicks Rise),” guest stars the incomparable Latrice Royale. You can check it out on Willam’s YouTube Channel, which you probably want to subscribe to if you haven’t already. Seriously, do it.

Do it Naaaau

You’ve got your crazy pants on if you think this is the only thing Willam has been up to lately.

Aside from releasing his new album, Willam, along with Alaska and Courtney Act (the #AAAGirls), has a new 6-episode special on SiriusXM. The first guest was newly crowned Drag Race winner Violet Chachki and there was, of course, some shade thrown in. The special airs live every Tuesday through July 7th from 2-3pm ET on SiriusXM OutQ Ch 106 and is also available on SiriusXM On Demand.


Oh and did we mention Willam just did a BIG campaign for Magnum ice cream? ICE CREAM! I hope he got some free stuff for that gig, because Magnum is ridiculously good. Also, the campaign is gorgeous.

Willam Magnum Screenshot

When he’s not hanging with the #AAAGirls, chilling with Latrice Royale, writing songs, posting adorable pics of his smooshy dog, or starring in a Magnum campaign, Willam makes time to give back. Who doesn’t love that?

William partnered with the LA LGBT Center to raise money for AIDS/LifeCycle. You can check out the music video HERE. You can help support this great cause.

Can’t get enough Willam? Make sure to follow him on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, or visit www.willambelli.com.

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