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Several days ago Lord Monkeypants called me downstairs claiming there was something I wouldn’t believe on TV. “They sold out!” he exclaimed. “Who sold out?” I asked. He answered that it was the Ghost Hunters. I couldn’t believe him for a minute but he was adamant that Jason, Grant and the team had bowed to SyFy’s pressure and hired on, in his words, “a blonde with big boobs” who, knowing SyFy, was probably a WWE wrestler.

"Sir you have mice in your walls or ghosts…"

Having met the guys from TAPS I didn’t want to believe for a moment that any of this was true. They are seriously some of the nicest celebrities I’ve ever met. Talking to them was like talking to a friend. There was no “I’m the star and you’re the fan” barrier with them. They were just genuinely nice guys.

However, I do understand the power of the TV exec and I know when your career is on the line you’ll do anything. But this I couldn’t believe. The TAPS team has always been your average every day Joe, teamed together by their love of the paranormal. They’ve taken us on so many adventures and have risen to new levels of success and yet they always…always remain humble. So where did this blonde with big boobs come from?

I put myself on a mission. I was going to watch SyFy until I saw this commercial myself. Given SyFy’s repetitive commercial line-up this didn’t take too long. Between a commercial for male enhancement and that pill that makes you not have to pee all the time, was the commercial for the new season of Ghost Hunters. Surprise surprise! There was Lord Monkeypants’ blonde with the big boobs…it was one of the housewives from Bravo’s Real Housewives of Atlanta! I almost screamed with relief. Okay, I did scream. I yelled down the stairs at Lord Monkeypants that he was wrong and our beloved Ghost Hunters didn’t sell out to the WWE craze. Honestly, I’m kind of looking forward to seeing what the TAPS team can cook up for those housewives. If anything it should be entertaining.

The TAPS Team hanging out and being groovy

The new season of Ghost Hunters premieres Wednesday August 25th at 9/8 central on SyFy.

Want to see a preview of this season’s Ghost Hunters? Check it out!

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