Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop Her! An Interview with Ginger Minj

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Ain’t Nothing Gonna Stop Her! An Interview with Ginger Minj

Wearing my Glamour Toad t-shirt with gold glitter “#TeamGinger” on the back, I recently had the opportunity to chat with the quadruple threat queen about her brand new single, her one-woman show, the awesomeness of Meatloaf (the singer, not the food), Gatorland, and of course…Doctor Who.

If you haven’t heard Ginger’s new single Ooh Lala Lala yet, check it out below. A swinging mixture of rockabilly, rock anthem and earworm, it’s sure to get you singing into your hairbrush microphone. This is a windows down/volume up kind of song to sing along to on your summer road trips.

When we set out to write the single, there were a lot of ideas that we talked about, but this is the one that kept coming back to me. I kept saying, “there’s so much hate in the world, not even hate…just assholes that want to say shit. You just gotta let it go in one ear and out the other.” If you can turn it into beautiful music and just let it go, you’ll be a much happier person for it.

And it’s true. Ooh Lala Lala sends a powerful message of self-confidence and pride that everyone can relate to.

I wanted an anthem for everybody whether you’re gay, bi, straight, skinny, fat, tall, short, pink, purple, blue, whatever. I wanted a song that said “be who you want to be. Do what you want to do. And if people don’t like it, don’t listen to them. March to the beat of your own drum. You’re fine!”

Ginger isn’t going to stop with just one inspiring song. There is, of course, an album in the works! The release date is currently TBD. Ginger is still flying back and forth between gigs and Miami to record it. Sounds like a crazy and exhausting schedule, but Ginger says she likes it that way. “I get a lot of time on the airplanes to work with lyrics or maybe a new hook for a different song.”

Never fear faithful fans! Ginger won’t leave you hanging while she’s perfecting the album and making sure every song meets the standards she’s set for herself. She just finished recording the next soon-to-be-released single with none other than the legendary Margaret Cho! Fan yourselves. It’s okay. I squealed too.

According to Ginger, the next single has kind of a “Meatloaf/Bat Out of Hell feel to it. [I think] a lot of people are gonna be blown away by it.”

Seriously, how awesome is that? And here I thought I was the only 6th grader listening to Meatloaf, belting out Paradise by the Dashboard Light, I Would do Anything for Love (but I won’t do that), and Life is a Lemon and I Want My Money Back (which is now stuck in my head). Ah nostalgia.

You weren’t the only one. We just didn’t know each other then!”

It’s true, and kind of sad. I would have had someone to lip sync with!

Ginger, being the force of nature that she is, isn’t stopping with just an album. Her one woman show (starring Ginger and “three other people.”) Crossdresser for Christ: The Musical, premiered in New York last month to sold out shows and standing ovations.

[The show] basically follows my life story from the time I was born up until the time I started doing drag. It’s all about me trying to reconcile my Southern Baptist religion with the terrible choices I make on a daily basis…with the added benefit of show tunes. It’s really like therapy for me. It’s such a cathartic experience for me, going on stage and telling my story, and to have people embrace it and relate to it. It really amazes me.”

The story is an all too common one, and the Southern Baptists aren’t exactly known for their acceptance of the LGBT community. Ginger considers herself a religious person, and is even an ordained minister. With faith so strong, I had to wonder how she reconciled who she was with what her religion was telling her was wrong.

I finally had to realize that it was very simple. If God is love and I love what I do, then love is love. So it all goes together. That’s really what it all boils down to for me. If you love what you’re doing, if you love yourself, because of it or in-spite of it, or whatever, then it’s gotta be right.

Can I get an amen?! Cause without that spiritual journey, we wouldn’t have had Carson Kressley proclaiming he “loves the Minj” on RuPaul’s Drag Race.

While Ginger may not have walked away with the crown and that $100,000 check (which I’m sure deflates to a much lower sum after taxes), she did sashay away with something priceless…Katya.

I loved meeting everybody. We’re very close. The entire cast is very close, but Katya has become like my best friend. We tell each other our deepest, darkest secrets…well no, I tell her MY deepest, darkest secrets and she rolls around on the floor laughing like an idiot. But I know that means she approves and she loves me. She’s crazy and she’s changed my life forever. I absolutely love and adore her.

Maybe Ginger will take her new BFF to Gatorland. Ginger proclaims it to be the best theme park in the world. So awesome in fact, according to Ginger, Lester’s Possum Park from Disney’s A Goofy Movie, was based on Gatorland.

It is the best theme park in the world! It’s so great. It’s very relaxing. If you just want to go out and do something for a day and you don’t want to do the same old shit you do all the time, go to Gatorland cause you’ll see the entire park in a couple hours. There’s never that many people there. It’s beautiful to look at and you’re gonna learn something along the way.

Maybe it’s time Gatorland hires Ginger for some promotional work.

I want to do a photo shoot in high-whore drag zip-lining over the gator pit. But I’m not gonna do it until Gatorland decides to cut a deal with me. I’ve given them so much free publicity this year!

Hey Gatorland, can we make this happen? Can you imagine how AWESOME that billboard would be? I for one, am looking forward to our next Orlando trip. I do believe some zip lining over alligators is necessary. But I digress…

With her schedule packed full of performances, recording sessions, and visits to Gatorland, Ginger still manages to find time to indulge her fanboy side and watch Doctor Who.

For Ginger, David Tennant will always be the best doctor. “I think he had some great storylines and he was so multifaceted. There were so many layers to his characterization. It was always a surprise, but always familiar. He was always wonderful and loveable, even when he was being a dick.”

Matt Smith comes in at a very close second, even though he had to grown on her. “I didn’t start out loving him, but I ended up loving him. He got saddled with some really shitty storylines, but I really liked him. Amy was great, but overstayed her welcome. Although I love Rory.”

And the new Doctor?

Although she loved him as Lobus Caecilius in (the Doctor Who episode) The Fires of Pompeii, she just can’t get into him as the Doctor. “I think he’s doing the best he can with what he’s given. I just don’t think the writing has done him any favors…at all. He’s such an old grump!” What seems to be lacking is a common thread that ties each incarnation of the Doctor together.

That’s why I liked Matt Smith after David Tennant because I thought he possessed a lot of the same qualities. He was totally a different person and a different character altogether, but he still had those same little flashes of the same Doctor. Peter Capaldi is a total stark difference. But I was also not a fan of Christopher Eccleston. He’s not my favorite…and now he’s not my least favorite anymore.

I’m sure a lot of Doctor Who fans would agree with Ginger on that…and her love of Martha and Donna as companions. However, I think Ginger and I are probably the only fans who didn’t like Rose.

I can’t stand her! All she did was get lost and whine. And then she keeps coming back! She’s still coming back. Girl! It’s too much! It’s too much!

We could have talked Doctor Who all day…and if we didn’t have a time crunch, we probably would have!

It’s always nice when you find a fellow fan to debate the finer things in life like Doctor Who, Meatloaf, and the love of gluing rhinestones on things. Ginger Minj is one all-around fantastic person, both in and out of drag.

Ginger’s hit single Ooh Lala Lala is available on iTunes and Amazon. You can keep track of her performance schedule, Crossdresser for Christ tour dates, and adventures by following her on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, or by visiting her website.








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