Must Buy: Beauty Marked by Miss Fame

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Must Buy: Beauty Marked by Miss Fame

Before every horse show I listen to a very specific playlist filled with songs to pump me up and put me in the right headspace for doing my best. This list also comes in handy any time I need to boost my mood, regain my strength, or to tell my anxiety to knock it off. As I was driving to the barn yesterday, Miss Fame’s song, “I Run the Runway (Feat. Violet Chachki)” came on and I remembered how much I loved this entire album.

Honestly, I’m not one to buy complete albums. At the most I’ll buy one or two songs. It’s exceedingly rare for me to like more songs than that. However, when Miss Fame’s album Beauty Marked came out last summer I took a chance and bought the whole thing.

Why? After interviewing Miss Fame then meeting her in person at Roscoe’s RuGlanza event, I was so impressed with her both as a person and a performer that I was compelled to give her my money. Seriously, her interview remains one of my favorites to this day. I could chat with her for hours! But I digress.

I started listening to the album with the same apprehension I do most songs by drag queens that I come across. Let’s be honest here, there are a lot of terrible songs out there by drag queens. There are also some good songs, but rarely does a queen A) release an entire album, and B) have more than one or two good songs on said album.

Beauty Marked was created using entries from Miss Fame’s diary. This creates a mixture of songs from the empowering “I Run the Runway” to the hesitant and vulnerable “Smoke and Mirrors.” While songs like Runway lean towards being the usual dance track, the ballads are more than that. They’re a genuine glimpse inside the heart of Miss Fame. They transcend the brand. They dig deeper. They reveal insecurities, struggles, and the journey of self discovery.

Beauty Marked is available for purchase on iTunes and Amazon.


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