Miss Fame Pwns the Wild West with “InstaFame”

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Miss Fame Pwns the Wild West with “InstaFame”

Miss Fame continues to prove she’s more than just a pretty face with the release of the music video for “InstaFame,” the second single from her debut album Beauty Marked. The debut album that premiered at #3 on the iTunes Dance Chart! What an impressive feather to add to the cap of this already impressive queen.

It’s fitting that the music video for “InstaFame” has a country-western/cowboy theme, especially given Miss Fame’s background with 4-H. Really it has more of a hot pink rhinestone, blonde bombshell country-western/cowboy theme that’s got a slightly intergalactic feel to it, but that’s kind of a mouthful. To put it simply, the video is exactly what you would expect if Miss Fame was a strong, independent, butt-kicking cowgirl…with a chicken of course.

Check out the video below to see what I mean.

Behind the hot pink leather and rhinestones, “InstaFame” chronicles the phenomenon of instant internet stardom. From YouTube to Tumblr, Twitter to Instagram, fame has become viral and fleeting. Hence the title, “InstaFame.”

Anyone can achieve “InstaFame.” We all have some unique quality or ability that has the potential to become a viral phenomenon,” says Miss Fame.

It’s maintaining stardom that’s the tricky part.

The one thing I have learned is that ‘InstaFame’ is fleeting. It can’t be sustained with one stunt. What I believe creates longevity is persistence and consistent quality. I listen to my audience and I give them what they ask for. It’s an exchange of admiration.”

Having purchased Beauty Marked, I can honestly say Miss Fame’s stardom is anything but fleeting. She continues to grow, polish, and impress with each new endeavor. I’m anxious to see what she does next.

You can purchase “InstaFame” and Beauty Marked on iTunes, Amazon, and other online retailers.

Don’t forget to follow Miss Fame on her website, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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