Violet Chachki Makes a Stand in “Vanguard”

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Violet Chachki Makes a Stand in “Vanguard”

On Tuesday, Violet Chachki (America’s Next Drag Superstar for those who don’t know) released her debut album, GAGGED.  Also making its debut was “Vanguard,” the second single from the album. Following her first hit single “Bettie,” which paid homage to pin-up icon Bettie Page’s born-again Christian past and the concept of leading a double life, “Vanguard” shows there’s much more to Violet than just being a fashion maven.

I wanted to create something as sort of soundtrack to the avant-garde visuals I create,” says Violet.

GAGGED does just that. Featuring five electrifying club/dance tracks that are fun but also address the issues of gender, conformity, power play, exhibitionism, and confidence. Confidence is certainly something Violet has in spades.

The video for “Vanguard” lives up to its name in both lyrics and visuals. “Vanguard” may be an upbeat dance track, but it tells the tale of rising up and taking action as Violet teaches a group of transphobic thugs a lesson. What’s more, it hints at the deeper notion that it takes one person to speak up and others will follow.

Of course the video features Violet’s love of fashion along with her aerialist skills. Did you know she was proficient at silks? Her long lines and graceful fluid movements make her mesmerizing to watch. She’s stunningly gorgeous and you’re left wanting to see more.

I particularly enjoy the use of the poodle as a guard dog rather than one of the more stereotypical breeds. The poodle is shown aggressively bearing its teeth which is the opposite of what you would expect from a high class froofy dog. Needless to say, it effectively sends the message there’s a fighter in all of us and never judge a book by its cover.

Check it out.
Note: This video features adult visuals and is for mature audiences only. Viewer discretion is advised.

You can pick up GAGGED, “Vanguard” and the album’s first hit single “Bettie” now via iTunes and other online retailers.

Want more information about Violet Chachki? You can follow her on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t forget to visit her online store at for some daring and original (Hello, paper dolls!) Violet Chachki merchandise.

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