Celebrate Independence and “Do iT Like Miley” with Team HeartBreak

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Celebrate Independence and “Do iT Like Miley” with Team HeartBreak

Every summer needs an anthem. That song you blast from your car speakers while you drive around with the top or windows down. A summer anthem needs to have more than just a dope beat and singable lyrics. A summer anthem should stand for something…freedom, independence, individuality. Which makes the release of Team HeartBreak’s first single from their upcoming new album, Sassy Summer Sounds, fitting as we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July.

“Do iT Like Miley” pays tribute to the music and indisputably individual style of Miley Cyrus.

People try and act like Miley’s out of control, but she’s out there making killer music, raising awareness for charity, and changing the world, all while being herself and having fun. Sounds like a role model to us,” said Brian Raux, one half of Team HeartBreak.

While Miley’s growing up may be a bit controversial to some, (try explaining to a 12 year old why they can’t see Hannah Montana’s new concert) her devil-may-care attitude serves as a reminder to be yourself. Which is exactly the message “Do iT Like Miley” is trying to send.

The message in ‘Do iT Like Miley’ is: who cares what other people think of you. Their opinions don’t matter. The key to happiness is forgetting your insecurities and loving who you are. Just be you no matter what,” says Caleb Raux.

Team HeartBreak not only preaches individuality, love, and acceptance, they know first hand what being an outcast feels like.

We remember feeling like two aliens. Then somehow, we met and we didn’t have to explain ourselves to each other. We just got it,” says Caleb.

Brian and Caleb describe themselves as “brothers from another mother” and even live together. Even though they have a primarily female fan base, people assume they’re gay. It could be because they dye their hair rainbow colors, or because they occasionally wear women’s clothes. They don’t believe in traditional gender roles and love to poke fun at them any chance they get.

I mean, who needs gender roles when you have pizza rolls? Have you tasted those things? Seriously, they’re the bomb!” says Brain.

Now I’ve got a taste for pizza rolls. Thanks.

Their strong respect for anyone who wears heels (like drag queens and non-gender specific people), led them to ask famous drag artists Violet Chachki and Alaska Thunderfuck to appear in the “Do iT Like Miley” video.

Brian and Caleb even sport some drag of their own, running around Hollywood Boulevard and Rodeo Drive in women’s bathing suits and stilettos.

We were complaining after three minutes in heels,” laughs Brian. “It was like having your whole foot in a vice grip.”

As someone who rarely wears heels, I 100% agree.

Despite the uncomfortable shoes, it looks like Brian and Caleb had a ton of fun. Check out the video.

Good luck getting this song out of your head.

It doesn’t matter that they sleep with Hello Kitty and My Little Pony dolls (which is pretty darn adorable), or that they wear women’s clothes and mock gender roles. Team HeartBreak’s “Do iT Like Miley” sends a great message for a summer anthem.

“Be yourself with no apologies,” says Brian. “Unless you’re a sociopathic asshole. Then you should probably rethink your life.”

“Do iT Like Miley” is availble for download now as part of Sassy Summer Sounds album pre-order on iTunes. Don’t forget to follow Brian and Caleb’s shenanigans on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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