Creation Chicago Stargate Con 2015

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Creation Chicago Stargate Con 2015

This coming weekend is Creation’s Stargate Chicago Convention: The Final Journey Part 2. This is a bit of a misnomer. Last year’s event was going to be the last until fans and attendees voted overwhelmingly for the convention to continue in light of the Stargate Movie reboot announcement.

Creation suggested they might be able to have cast members from the movie as guests in the future, but this is still a couple years away.

Not only that, but if this was to be the last year Creation would advertise it and use such a threat to drive sales. This fan isn’t the least bit worried. Still, I am not letting opportunities pass me by…just in case they don’t come again.

The line up this year is fantastic. It would be even better if Amanda Tapping were still included, but sadly she had to cancel due to a conflict. Just this week Ben Browder also had to cancel.

Never fear! We will still be seeing Michael Shanks, Joe Flanigan, Rachael Luttrell, Paul McGillion, and many more. I love all of these guys, but I am very excited that Rainbow Sun Franks, David Blue, Corin Nemec, Peter Williams, and Suanne Braun will be coming! For all but Peter it is their first visit to Chicago, and my first chance to see Rainbow and Suanne.

I can only hope the guests who are new to Chicago, or have been absent for years like Peter Williams (last seen in 2005,) will have the stage to themselves. Sometimes two guests share a Q&A session. In the past this has left me feeling one guest was overshadowed by the other and we missed out on the quality time we would have gotten from a solo Q&A.

Split this too. “There are still tickets available at .  Tickets are still available at If you’re in the Rosemont area this weekend, come join us!

See you there!

If you can’t make it, make sure you are following @SpaceGypsies and me, @PlayItGrand, on Twitter for news and pictures thought the weekend!

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