I…Amanda Lepore- The “I” Stands for Icon

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I…Amanda Lepore- The “I” Stands for Icon

An icon in the LGBT community and New York club scene, Amanda Lepore is one of those few women who just seem to naturally ooze glamour. Whether she’s dripping in Swarovski crystals or rocking out a form fitting pencil skirt, Amanda’s style celebrates feminine beauty in all its forms.

When I spoke with her, it was what was under her perfectly manicured appearance that surprised me. Amanda is sweet in a way that is honest and genuine. The meticulous sculpting of her appearance is not vanity as much as it’s art and a protection of her investment. Amanda’s appearance is her career. It’s what has made her an iconic figure in New York’s club scene since the 90’s. Her beautifully defined curves, coiffed hair, and stunning wardrobe make her a living work of art. So much so that famed photographer David LaChapelle made her his muse. She’s a Warholian Marilyn Monroe and Alberto Vargas pinup rolled into one breathtaking package.

Amanda Lepore is far more than just the proverbial leader of New York nightlife. She’s also a recording artist and recently released a two disc album titled I…Amanda Lepore, The Makeover Sessions on iTunes and other online retailers. Essentially it’s twenty-two remixes of her popular songs like “My Hair Looks Fierce,” “Champagne,” “Doin’ It My Way” by the hottest DJs. If you like EDM and some good mixing, you’ll like this album.

For me, the album didn’t particularly stand out in the groundbreaking style that I would expect from Amanda. She admits it was really just filler while she works on her new album, which is set to release in 2016. It’s a nice gesture for all the die-hard Amanda fans who are certainly foaming at the mouth as they wait for the album.

I love my fans,” said Amanda. “They’ve been asking for new stuff. This will hopefully hold them over until my new album comes out.”

Interestingly enough, what I enjoyed most about The Makeover Sessions was the bonus song, “I Wanna be Loved by Da Bop.” It’s a danceable take on the classic Helen Kane song, “I Wanna be Loved by You”…which was not so coincidentally also sung by Marilyn Monroe. Amanda’s voice is light and sweet, sultry, and even a tiny bit sad. It’s a great rendition of this famous song. Honestly, it may be the best on the album. I much prefer Amanda’s singing to the sing-songy/talky thing she does on her more popular songs. She has such a lovely voice.

Just as she’s provided notice to the club scene, Amanda has also been an iconic presence in the LGBT community. You see, Amanda is transgender and serves as a positive role model. She’s thrilled with society’s change in attitude and the growing acceptance of people who are transsexual.

There was a time when we thought gay marriage was in the far distant future and now it’s more accepted. We’re seeing a lot more of the trans community. People are talking about it. Parents now have information to help their kids. Pretty soon it’ll be even more accepted as well.”

Indeed, with a growing attention to the trans community, from Caitlyn Jenner to TLC’s I am Jazz, societal acceptance is inevitable.

Fans can also keep their eyes open for Amanda’s upcoming memoir. Written with the help of a ghost writer, the upcoming autobiography will detail Amanda’s life and is certain to provide inspiration. When asked about the writing process, Amanda described it as:

Difficult at times. He (the ghostwriter) asked a lot of questions, sometimes about things I’d forgotten about. It was hard to relive some of those memories and feelings. But ultimately it was healing. It’s been a very positive experience.”

It’s sure to be an interesting read.

You can pick up I…Amanda Lepore: The Makeover Sessions via digital music sites.   For more information, visit  AmandaLepore.net and PeaceBisquit.com.

Want to keep up to date on all that Amanda is doing, including any shows and appearances in your area? Follow her on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

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