ChicagoTARDIS 2015 Preview

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ChicagoTARDIS 2015 Preview

The Midwest’s annual Doctor Who Convention will take place this weekend in Lombard, November 27th through the 29th. The convention has had it’s ups and downs before it has even begun with guest bookings and cancellations. While fans who focus on the New Series may feel a bit gypped this year, Classic fans should be very exited.

alex-bio-pageRepresenting the New Series, exciting guests include Alex Kingston and Ingrid Oliver, and Samuel Anderson. Each of these actor’s portray characters that have left us with a lot of questions. What’s in store for River’s much anticipated appearance with Peter Capaldi? Hey Ingrid, are you the human or the Zygon? Is Mr. Pink still out there somewhere, trying to get back to Clara?

We will also see the return of Paul McGann to Chicago. Hopefully the scheduling will be kinder to him this year and we will get to hear more from the 8th Doctor.

When I look at the guest list I’m thrilled about Alex Kingston and Ingrid Oliver, but I am positively squealing for Katy Manning, John Levene, and Richard Franklin. If these names don’t rin11012g any bells, what about Jo Grant, Corporal Benton, and Captain Mike Yates? The era of the Third Doctor, Jon Pertwee, is very near and dear to me. In many ways he was my first Doctor. Katy Manning is the last surviving companion from that era. As rare reoccurring characters, John Levene and Richard Franklin are favorites of mine. The three of them made up a crucial part of the Doctor’s family during his exile on Earth. I am so looking forward to meeting them, and if a photo op package with the three of them is offered, I won’t pass that up!

Those attending tp01bb2txhis year should take note that some guests are only available on certain days. For instance Alex Kingston will be there on Friday and Sunday only, so if you come on Saturday you are going to miss out. I also highly recommend the discussion panels at this convention. The panels are led by well known authors and authorities in the realm of Doctor Who, and even the most knowledgeable Whovian is bound to learn something new.

Check out for the latest updates, the full guest list, and ticket information. I hope to see you there!

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