Dragon Con 2015: Karen Gillan

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Dragon Con 2015: Karen Gillan

You are about to see one of the most sought after guests of this year’s Dragon Con. Never before have I been turned away from one panel for a guest to only barely make it into the room for the next panel. Despite being scheduled in one of the largest ballroom’s available, only luck got me into the room for Karen Gillan’s Monday appearance. The audience was so large that the panel had to begin as people filed in, or else it would have made a mess of the schedule. I was happy to see as much as I did.

I must apologize for the video quality of this panel. As you will see at the beginning I am all the way at the very back of the room, and while my camera has excellent zoom, it looses quality when trying to focus on something so small from such a great distance. I hope you will still be able to enjoy this rare and highly appreciated guest.

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