Hey Qween! The Show Everyone Should be Watching

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Hey Qween! The Show Everyone Should be Watching

Not impressed by the new shows offered this season? Can’t wait until Season 8 of Drag Race? Never fear. Stream.tv has something to hold you over!

Stream.tv’s hit show, Hey Qween! returns on February 15th for it’s fourth season. If you haven’t seen Hey Qween! don’t worry. Stream.tv has the past three seasons available, for free, on their site.

“Hey Qween! is a place for gay stars and underground legends to come and tell their stories in a way they can’t on any other talk show,” explains host and executive producer, Jonny McGovern.

“We cut up, have a kiki and a gay ‘ol time. Than, at the end of every show, the special guest gets a trophy and lap dance from one of our in-house strippers!”

Sounds like one heck of a party!

So imagine a talk show where the host is a “big gay lumberjack” and the co-host is what McGovern calls, “the largest drag queen in captivity.” Though really, if you watch the gorgeous Lady Red Couture you’ll find this is one queen large in wit and star power. Not only is she hilarious, but she leaves you hanging on every word…waiting, hoping for her next off-the-cuff remark.

What ties the entire show together isn’t the special guests (though RuPaul did give me a healthy dose of the squeals), it’s the rapport between Jonny McGovern and Lady Red. Let’s face it. You can tell when costars are friends only when the cameras are rolling. There’s that thin thread of seething tension that seems to be laced just under the surface of their banter. It’s the exact opposite with McGovern and Lady Red.

Watching McGovern and Lady Red is watching two friends hanging out, laughing, and having a good time. There just happens to also be cameras and yummy strippers involved…which, out of context sounds pretty dirty, but I assure you it’s fun. Not necessarily clean fun, but fun nonetheless!

If you’re looking for a good laugh and some pretty spectacular interviews, tune in to Hey Qween! on Stream.tv. Season 4 will premiere on February 15th and don’t forget you can catch up on all of your favorite episodes online now!

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