Photographer Magnus Hastings Answers, Why Drag?

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Photographer Magnus Hastings Answers, Why Drag?

In a time before tablets and e-readers, coffee table books were a popular thing. You don’t see them too much anymore. Some people don’t even have coffee tables. But I can recall flipping through these books filled with beautiful art as a kid. So when I heard photographer Magnus Hastings was bringing his renowned New York art exhibition Why Drag? to the world of coffee table books, I was sold.

Apparently, so was everyone else. With a release date of TODAY, May 17th, Why Drag? has already sold out on!

I’ve seen images from Hastings’s New York exhibition. They’re an insightful, deep, and sometimes ironic look into the world of drag. Hastings brings us images of the beautiful, the quirky, the revolutionary. Each picture tells a story and gives a performance of its own. Featuring images with your favorite queens like, Ginger Minj, Courtney Act, Jinx Monsoon, Lady Bunny, and more, this is a book you need for your home.

The book conveys Hastings’s iconic reputation as a photographer and pays particular attention to the queens and cityscapes which push boundaries and are unapologetic in doing so.

I have such a soft spot for San Francisco drag,” says Hastings. “And the incredible way they create something for just one night. That’s kind of been skipped by the mainstream, but it’s a huge part of my book.”

Why Drag? contains images of pageant queens in all their glory…while waiting for a bus. It shows a pair of queens, separated by one hundred pages, calling upon the courage drag gives them to free themselves from anxiety. Drag Race Season 6 winner Bianca Del Rio turns a Barbie into a voodoo doll with pins and needles, portraying how drag lets her sharp tongue fly free.

I want people who don’t know drag to be opened up to its beauty and its comedy,” says Hastings. “It’s a wonderland, and I want people to go there.”

Take your own journey into the wonderful world of drag by picking up a copy of Why Drag?, available NOW wherever books are sold.


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