Celebrate PRIDE with Sherry Vine & gaySVTV

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Celebrate PRIDE with Sherry Vine & gaySVTV

Did you know there’s a YouTube network dedicated entirely to showcasing leading LGBTQ talent? There is! It’s called gaySVTV and you can find it HERE. Spearheaded by the beautiful and talented Sherry Vine and television guru Josh Rosenzweig, gaySVTV has an entire slate of programs for every taste and sensibility.

In addition to current shows such as the hugely popular, Sherry and the Greek, as well as Know Your gAy-B-Cs, and Behind the Drag Curtain, gaySVTV has three brand new programs debuting in June to help celebrate PRIDE.

Time for a quick history lesson. For those who don’t know, PRIDE is celebrated in the LGBTQ community during the month of June. Yes, the entire month of June. PRIDE honors the 1969 Stonewall riots, which is considered the quintessential tipping point for the Gay Liberation movement. In 2015, President Obama officially proclaimed June 2015 as official LGBTQ PRIDE month. PRIDE is a month of celebration,  remembrance, and inspiration for the LGBTQ community and its allies.

Pride is my favorite time of the year,” explains Sherry Vine. “It’s a time to let our wigs down and reflect on how far we have come and celebrate where we are now and the good times ahead!”

Sherry Vine and gaySVTV will commemorate PRIDE by releasing three new shows: Trade2Trade, a new talk show featuring men in their bare essentials; Poop Up Videos (beginning Friday, June 3rd), giving you an insider look at the making of Sherry Vine’s classic music parodies; and perhaps my favorite, Empty Your Sack, Queen. A man-on-the-street show that’s not afraid to ask the questions we all want to know.

What questions? Why important ones like “How many dresses can Bob the Drag Queen fit into a gym bag?” and “Why does Maci Sumcox only need a clutch?” This is important information they’re sharing here. Check out the trailer:

Empty Your Sack, Queen premieres Saturday, June 4th with new shows each week.

You can check out all of gaySVTV’s great programming at www.youtube.com/MissSherryVine. Don’t forget to subscribe! It’s the best way to stay up to date on all of gaySVTV’s latest programming.

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