Gatecon 2016: The Homecoming

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Gatecon 2016: The Homecoming

SpaceGypsies is thrilled to announce our coverage of the return of Gatecon! The Vancouver based Stargate event has been out of action for nearly a decade, but over the past year someone had the brilliant idea to bring it back at least one more time.

The convention was originally billed as “The Homecoming” because guests included Richard Dean Anderson, Michael Shanks, and Amanda Tapping. I think many fans held out hope that Christopher Judge would be added to that list as well, giving us the extremely rare opportunity to see the original SG-1 all together again. Unfortunately it was not meant to be. Early this year Michael and Amanda were forced to cancel due to filming commitments.

The final guest list still includes 50 cast and crew members. There will be a Harbor Tour with Richard Dean Anderson, followed by three days of guest panels. The convention will culminate on Monday for some lucky fans who managed to get tickets for the last locations tour bus. That tour will span the whole day and include amazing locations like Jack’s Minnesota cabin!

This convention is a dream for me personally. I went to Vancouver in 2009 and had a blast. I planned to go back some day, but I doubted there would ever be another official Stargate event there for me to attend. Not only do I get to return, but I will be able to cross off most of the remaining names on my, “I really want to see them” list!

Finally after 12 years of attending conventions and patiently waiting, I’m going to meet one of the directors. Martin Wood is on the guest list and I’ve been checking regularly to make sure he stays there! Over the years I’ve developed a great sense of appreciation for what it took to make my favorite franchise. A director’s job seems so intense. There are so many moving parts, and everything has to go to plan in the moment or you have to start over. Martin has always been referred to as one of the most prolific directors of Stargate SG-1. Add to this that Martin also directed for Sanctuary, has a great sense of humor, and is an excellent storyteller. I just can’t wait to finally meet him and hopefully thank him for his work.

I’m finally going to actually meet Tom McBeath. I’ve seen him once before and it’s one of my favorite convention memories, but I don’t think it qualifies as “meeting him”. Back in 2004 at my first Stargate convention here in Chicago, I was quickly making my way through the hotel when I passed a familiar figure. He must have heard me gasp, “Maybourne!” because he turned and caught me in the middle of my wide-eyed double take. Then he laughed, clearly amused by my stunned reaction, before hurrying off in the opposite direction. Ever since that day I’ve been hoping to meet him, and now I finally have my chance!

Some Stargate fans might not be that impressed by the rest of the names on my wish list, but when you’ve already met all the main cast members the fact that there are some really awesome recurring actors that you’ve been hoping to meet for years with no opportunities kinda rankles. For me that list includes Erick Avari who played the Abydonian leader Kasuf, Garwin Sanford who portrayed the Tollan, Nareem, and Bill Dow who appeared many times as the hapless scientist, Dr. Lee. Sometimes guest stars have the most amazing stories because their perspective is different than that of the regular cast and crew. I can’t wait to finally meet these guys, hear their memories, and get them to sign my Ten Years book.

I’m looking forward to Gatecon, and I hope you will take the journey with me by following me on Twitter @PlayItGrand, and @SpaceGypsies.

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