Haunting Outside of Atlanta: Containment Returns

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Haunting Outside of Atlanta: Containment Returns

Containment Haunted House Opens Sept 30 In Douglasville

Haunt promises scares and delivers

Atlanta is home to the Walking Dead, Stranger Things, and a history of outstanding, world class haunted houses.  Last weekend, I was able to explore the return of Containment Haunted House on Blairs Bridge Road in Douglasville.  The haunt, built in a series of interconnected cargo containers (each featuring it’s own exciting and spooky theme) positions itself in a spacious area connected to a paintball arena.  The site is conveniently located off of I-20, just two exits past Six Flags as you drive from Atlanta.  While smaller compared to some of our established haunted houses, this experience was absolutely full enough to justify the ride!

This is Containment’s third year in Atlanta.  It opened first in Atlantic Station, then moved to Hiram, and now has found this home in Douglasville.

The preview show I attended was presented as a “work-in-progress,” but there was enough that came together exceeding well that I can predict that come opening night, the performers will have their scary in line and ready to frighten you to the core.   One thing that heightens the experience is that visitors travel through the haunted house in small groups of five or six to create a camaraderie and to build story telling into your journey through this world of fear.

Containment delivers on some key elements of a haunted house.  They maintain a solid theme through out. The makeup, costumes, and effects are outstanding.  The actors do a great job of building suspense and working with the audience to raise the stakes.

Some of the highlights of the haunt include:

  • A frightening room of electronics that appear to be alive
  • A scary kitchen
  • A grotesque and morbid collection of actors playing infected and insane children
  • More than I can mention

When writing a review of a haunted house, I have to ask myself, “How far do I go with descriptions?” If imagery is too light, it is hard to capture the excitement. If the imagery is too extensive, the fun can be diluted.  I considered writing so much more, but want you to go to Containment and experience it for yourself.  If you are not in Atlanta, find your local haunted house and go get some chills and thrills.


Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/containmenthiram/?fref=ts
Website:  http://www.containmenthauntedhouse.com/
Address: 1320 Blairs Bridge Rd, Lithia Springs, GA 30122
Phone: (770) 765-5334

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