It’s Never Too Early for Christmas Queens

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It’s Never Too Early for Christmas Queens

In 2015, the ridiculously talented Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race graced us with the phenomenal Christmas Queens album. It was the Christmas album drag fans were waiting for and it was glorious.

How do you top one glitteringly fabulous Christmas album? Easy. You release a second!

On November 11th, our favorite queens graced us with the sequel to the popular Christmas Queens with Christmas Queens 2. An uninspired title, yes, but what else would you call it?

Christmas Queens 2, available on iTunes, features your favorite queens from the first album with a few seriously awesome additions.

Can you say Carnie Wilson? (OMGWTFBBQ!) Can we just put on record that Carnie and Ginger Minj are like the dream team of duets? There’s something about their voices together that is simply delightful.


These besties are just too cute.

Another standout on Christmas Queens 2 is the duet between Michelle Visage and Thorgy Thor. Ah, but it’s not your average duet. Michelle’s angelic voice evokes the feels in O Holy Night while Thorgy pounds those feels right into your heart with the violin. Oh, you didn’t know that? Thorgy is an accomplished violinist with some seriously mad skillz. And by “mad skillz” I mean has played at Lincoln Center several times mad skillz.

If you haven’t purchased them already, these are two Christmas albums you MUST add to your collection.

Make sure to visit the Christmas Queens website for awesome behind-the-scenes videos, music videos, and TOUR DATES!

Yes, you heard right. Tour Dates! What a great way to celebrate the holidays. I’ve got my tickets. Make sure you get yours!

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