Bielfield Teams Up with Courtney Act to Release Hypnotic Flashback Collaboration

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Bielfield Teams Up with Courtney Act to Release Hypnotic Flashback Collaboration

Bielfield, an American musical wonder (he has a master’s degree from Julliard folks), who has made a popular name for himself in Australia, has teamed up with ardent George Michael fan and international drag superstar Courtney Act to create “Dance Again.”

You can take a listen HERE.

You’ll notice an interesting resemblance to George Michael’s famous “Careless Whisper.” As Wade Wilson, aka Deadpool said, “Wham! Make It Big is the album that George and Andy earned the exclamation point.”


The resemblance between “Dance Again” and “Careless Whisper” is no accident. Michael’s song played a strong role in how Bielfield and Act structured the song.

“I can sometimes be a little mental when it comes to building a song’s blueprint,” Bielfied admits, with a smile. “It’s my classical training sneaking in.”

While Bielfield describes the song as though “Major Lazer and Ace of Base had a love child,” I’m not hearing the Major Lazer connection. (Though I freely admit I’m not very familiar with Major Lazer). For me, “Dance Again” is so transcendent I believe it’s appropriate to say George Michael’s spirit is evident in everything from the flow of the music to the emotion-stirring lyrics. Granted, I haven’t had a chance to write out the lyrics for “Dance Again” and compare it to the lyrics from “Careless Whisper,” but while listening, my thoughts immediately shift to “Dance Again” being both a response to the subject of “Careless Whisper” and elegant tribute to George Michael’s art.

What is evident is the synergistic relationship Bielfield has with Courtney Act. There’s a natural chemistry there. Of course there’s also silliness:

Bielfield is preparing to tour with the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra (I told you he was a big deal) this month, he’s also planning to do spontaneous pop up performances, specifically around Melbourne and Sydney Mardi Gras. Australian fans, keep an eye out for him!

It’s my hope Bielfield and Courtney Act will team up again. In the meantime, “Dance Again” is going on my “Songs I listen to Over and Over Again” playlist.

For more info on how you can purchase “Dance Again,” click HERE.

To check out more of Bielfield’s work and for links to follow him on social media, click HERE.

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