Ghost Hunters Season Premiere

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The long awaited season premiere of Ghost Hunters took place at the beautiful Otesaga Hotel in up-state New York. The tour guide regaled the group with stories of shadows, voices, cold spots and  kids heard running the length of a hallway. The hotel did not disappoint.

Early on Jason and Grant were startled by loud noises clearly heard in the ballroom which they followed from one place to another before losing the sounds. With the hotel to themselves there were no fears of contamination.

Kris and Amy tempted a child-like apparition to come and play using a music box and flashlights. Room 585 offered a wealth of activity, actually the whole fifth floor proved to be an active area. More than one group was able to see the reported shadows and chased them to no avail through the fifth floor hallway and rooms. 

At the end of the night Kris and Amy braved a night in one of the haunted rooms before the long day of analyzing the evidence. At the reveal the team was able to show the evidence backing up the experiences of the hotel staff and guests.

I was excited to see a new season begin and this hotel offered plenty of chilling noises and exciting chases to start off a great season. The only down side was the missing duo of Steve and Tango, who bring their own special chemistry to the show.

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