Stargate Creation Chicago Con: Day 2

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It was hot in Chicago today. Why? Because three leading men of Stargate came today!

The day started with an awesome duo Q&A session. Joe Flanigan and David Hewlett make a hilarious pair on stage! David was every bit as funny as I expected, but I did not know that he is a Doctor Who fan! Even better, he’s a fan or the original series, just like me! When asked what he would want to be if he was not an actor, David answered, “I’d want to be a time lord!” When the question was modified to be a non-fictional job, he said a computer programmer.

David told us that he is currently working on “Rise of the Apes”. The project is so secret that they keep making him fill out non-discloser forms and putting his name on his scripts, so if it ever turned up somewhere, the project runners would know who to blame! David expects the movie could be released next summer. He will be filming his upcoming SGU episode in September, and unlike Robert Picardo, it seems that David has received and read his script. “I think it’s true to both worlds,” David said. “I think you’ll get a kick out of it.” David is also watching all the previous SGU episodes to get a feel for the show, and is enjoying being able to say to his wife, “Honey, I can’t, I have to watch television!”

Joe was just filming a movie in Ireland, but he didn’t mention it’s name. He said that in the movie he plays a marine colonel that gets trapped in another dimension. Yes, we laughed too! Joe also said he’s doing a pilot for a show about an air force pilot who, instead of saving the world, adopts and raises 4 kids. It could eventually evolve into a series if it gets picked up.

Some hours later it was Michael Shanks’ turn to return to the Chicago stage. I was pleased to hear fans in the seats behind me impatiently freaking out!  Michael told us that he has not one but two upcoming appearances in Smallville, the first in the episode entitled “Shield” and the second in the 11th episode of the season. He also confessed that, given the running theme of his characters being killed off, he is concerned that Hawkman will get killed because he can be reincarnated! Michael also said that he has heard about potential prequels to Burn Notice, perhaps one that explores the background of Bruce Campbell’s character. If this comes true, it’s possible that we could see Victor again! Sadly, for reasons Michael didn’t touch on, he is no longer a part of Chris Judge’s Rage of Angels project. Rumor has it that Michael and Chris are not getting along right now. We will have to hope that changes.

After autographs, which went pretty smoothly today, a couple of hours were left to us to find dinner before the Dessert party this evening. Dan Shea and Andee Frizzell attended, since Joe, David, and possibly Michael had already left the hotel by that time, headed back to parts unknown. The dessert party was a disappointment, to be frank. Usually they serve an array of wonderful pastries and tarts, along with coffee. This year there was only ice cream with a selection of toppings, and no coffee to be found. So what is someone who is lactose intolerant to do? All they can do is get an alcoholic beverage or some pop. Not smart, Creation. Not smart. Also, while Andee had a handler and it was seen to it that her time was spent going from table to table, Dan was left free to roam. He grabbed ice cream the minute fans were let into the ballroom and sat at a table of fans while he ate. After that, he disappeared. Jenn and I eventually gave up waiting for him to come to our table because we couldn’t even see where he was. While allowing the guests to take their time and mingle is a wonderful thing and I encourage it, it does not work if the guest does not circulate the room well enough to let everyone feel included, or at least like they will not have to wait all night for their turn.

We will see Dan again in the morning when he joins our three SGU guests, Brian Smith, Elyse Levesque, and Alaina Huffman for breakfast, so not seeing him tonight was not a terrible loss. Tomorrow will also see our SGU guests each do individual Q&A sessions, followed by session with all three guests. This is new to Creation, and I look forward to it!

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