Chicago Creation Stargate Con: Day 3

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Today Stargate Universe took center stage, along with three of it’s talented cast members!

The day started with a friendly breakfast with Elyse Levesque, Brian Smith, and Alaina Huffman. While the food left much to be desired because it lacked the traditional eggs, sausage, and bacon, and the bagel toasters held up the line through no fault of their own, the company was delightful. Dan Shea wandered from table to table, and did not  visit our table once again, but Elyse, Brian, and Alaina went from table to table chatting with everyone. Elyse was first, and we asked her when she had arrived in town. She told us she arrived Saturday afternoon and went downtown to shop on Michigan avenue with Brian and Alaina. They all had a wonderful dinner and really enjoyed seeing the city.

After Elyse came and went, there was time to wait until Brian and Alaina made it to our half of the room. As it turned out, all the fans at our table eventually decided to leave to check out of their rooms so they could attend the Q&A sessions later. This left Jenn and I with a unique opportunity. We had the whole table to ourselves, so when Brian and Alaina reached us not long after, we had them all to ourselves! Brian spotted Jenn’s recently purchased SG-1 novel and was surprised to learn that there were books about each of the series! I think we convinced him that he needs to read the novelization of SGU’s pilot, Air! Alaina asked us where we were from, and we discovered that her parents live in the South suburbs of Chicago, not very far from us!

Later, each guest had their own Q&A session, and each was given a warm welcome. Questions kept coming and the talk was lively. Each of them immediatly refused to talk about what is coming up in season 2, but I noticed that when they were asked what their favorite episode, all three of them said ‘Time’ as soon to be trumped by an upcoming episode as their personal favorite. Since I have always noticed that the actor’s favorites often turn out to be huge fan favorites, this gives me great hope for the success of season 2.

As a rare treat, all three SGU guests came out again to do a group session. This turned out to be a great time to ask them more about their cast-mates, how their characters interact with eachother, and how they feel Universe is fitting into the existing franchise.

Finally, Dan Shea closed the convention with one last appearance where he told the story of how he was ratchetted hard into a wall before having to spend hours in a tunnel full of cars with guys who were not allowed to run to use the washroom during the filming of a Fantastic Four scene! Jenn and I got our autographs and said farewell to the convention until next year.

This years con was different in many ways, both for better and for worse. The hotel we have moved to is very nice and better accommodates the events and the fans, and the guest list was the largest we have ever seen. However, the food events lacked the usual variety and organization, and the vendor’s room was so very small and sad that I could have cried. There were 2 Creation tables, one of photos and one of clothes and other Stargate items, and then Big Finish had a table for their audio books, a local memorabilia store was given a little space, and then one more vendor of books, shirts, and autographed photos was present. That’s 5 tables. At our previous location there was twice the space given to vendors, and there were at least 8 different tables with a wide variety of wares available. There was so little to interest me this year that it was equivalent to Creation’s first Chicago convention. It was sad.

Jenn and I have already booked our tickets for next year, and we are eagerly awaiting news of who will be coming. We are both hopefull that some of the issues that came up this year will be resolved for next year as well. As always, this weekend went much too fast. Chicago 2011, let the countdown begin!

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