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I have seen some crazy stuff at past Stargate Chicago Creation conventions, but I’ll be the first to admit I haven’t seen it all. Friday of this year’s convention reminded me of that fact again and again!

Steve Bacic had the honor of kicking off the con for us. Steve is known for his role as Camulus, but earlier in the series he was seen twice as Major Coburn, commander of SG-2. Steve is also known for his role as Telemachus Rhade on Andromeda. He has been in Chicago once before, and those of us who met him then came prepared for his sense of humor. It took all of five seconds for Steve to crack his first joke!

“The Windy City! You guys like beans, huh? Or is that Boston? They’re a little gassier than you guys? I swear, somebody cut one in here, I don’t know who it was.”

Apparently Steve had planned to join us for the Karaoke party that night, but he didn’t make it. He joked that he would get kicked out of church because of his signing!

Smart Alec that he is, a fan asked what he’s up to now and Steve answered, “I’m sitting on a stage in Chicago.” Finally he said, “I’ve been approached in the last month to do four different reality shows, hosting, just to set up a tease to take it to the network, to take it that far. Two involve criminals. One is real criminals and the other is cops. Another is with Speed Network, and the fourth is a fifties show. It’s weird. I’ve never really looked at hosting or at any certain reality TV. They want me to be the face of the show. It’s interesting.”

Steve has also been filming an appearance on HBO’s Big Love, and that news received a smattering of applause. “I did a bunch of episodes on that show, and then I’m going to Dallas next week for a horror film. It’s a horror/suspense called 5 Souls.” That, Steve said, will be directed by Brett Donawho.

Steve was asked what roles he has had the most fun with. “It varies. I like doing different things. The acting part of it is the last part, I like doing activities. There was a movie where I played a quarterback, The Sixth Day, and the best part of that was working with ex NFL football players. We had training camp, we had NFL film crews around, and it felt like I was a football player. That was a lot of fun.”

“I got to ride an elephant, Tye. She’s very famous, she has a better resume than I do. She’s worked with Madonna. A little temperamental, couldn’t get her out of her trailer. What are you going to do? She worked for peanuts!” Yeah, we groaned at that one too!

“One of my favorite roles acting-wise was when I did a guest star on ER and it was a very dramatic and traumatic situation. I had to stay focused, I couldn’t screw around as much as I’d have liked to. That was one of my favorite roles. I held my own, it was good.”

Steve had a role on The Guard, which recently came to the US in syndication on Ion. A fan asked if the show was still on, but it finished up some time ago. “I crashed the boat. I think that’s why it’s done. It was on a network in Canada, and they weren’t so interested in promoting their own material. The way things are going, we’re looking to do more co-productions with the American networks, but it was such a Canadian show that they couldn’t get an American partner through to the sale. I think it’s a really good show. Out of all the shows I’ve worked on – I’ve been doing this almost 20 years – and it was better characters, well written, and for the dollar that they spent to make it it was really good. I also did a show called Crash and Burn, which is another Canadian show that they might sell down here. The BBC has a hold of it. It was like The Office meets The Sopranos. It was so good! we did thirteen episodes, it didn’t get picked up. The characters were great, extremely well written. The head writer had written for Deadwood, which was a great show. But the powers that be didn’t get it. People will get it, but they didn’t, and it’s frustrating to see shows go one year or two years while other shows go ten or twenty years.”

Steve was asked to talk a bit about Kevin Sorbo, star of Andromenda and Hercules, among many other roles. Apparently Kevin has some very interesting political views what Steve finds to be absolutely crazy! They had a healthy political argument going on that would carry on between takes on Andromeda. “It was fun. We played golf together, we hung out together, we were very good friends. I let go of politics. I don’t know if he has.” Steve also joked bitterly that Kevin got all the girls and he didn’t!

Steve then noticed everyone’s little buddy, Brady, in the front row. Brady, who I believe is 3 now, comes regularly to conventions with this parents, and his dad works with Creation. Stars who are regulars at cons know Brady, and it’s so funny! Steve didn’t seem to know Brady personally, but when he saw him and saw that Brady was wearing headphones while watching Toy Story, he apologized for the non-G rated bits of his Q&A . . . on behalf of Kevin Sorbo! This led to a story about when his daughter was two years old. “You’d catch her red-handed and I’d go, ‘Baby what did you do?’ ‘(In a little voice) I don’t do that! I don’t do that! Kevin do that!'”

Steve then was asked about the tight-knit acting community up in Vancouver. For the first eight years, Steve said he had to audition with all the same guys for roles. Every once in a while a new guy would show up, and mess things up for everyone by getting the job. “Some of my friends went to L.A., I started going Canadian shows, I was on the auditioning circuit for three or four years.” Steve says now many of the actors who went to L.A. and got network shows are now coming back to Vancouver to find new work, so now Steve has been taking shows in the States, booking shows in Canada and working his way south. In fact, Steve was recently seen on an episode of NCIS: Los Angeles! The acting business in Vancouver is picking up a bit, according to Steve. He says he has been getting calls out of no where from producers who, having lost a cast member suddenly, are turning to him to fill in the role. “I get my job because somebody else fell through. I get offended by that, it’s weird!”

There’s plenty more from Steve, but this is about the time where a trouble maker grabbed a microphone, and all hell broke loose! Hmmm, who could that be? Hold on to your seat! We’ll have more from Chicago soon!

You can find lots more pictures of Steve and of Friday’s events in our Photobucket!

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