My first day at Dragon*Con on Thursday Sept. 2nd.

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So, first I arrived in Atlanta for Dragon Con around 3p.m. on Thursday and for all  that don’t know, that’s a day before Dragon*Con officially starts.   Then… I got  checked in and wandered around until time for the Press Party…

Dan Carroll, media relations for Dragon Con, met me at the door.  This guy is just all things awesome when it comes to Dragon*Con.

Gil Girard – Buck Rogers in the 25th Century, was the Media guest along with Richard Hatch – the original Starbuck .

Good food and drink, and lots of Media Personnel kept the party lively.   I took a moment and spoke with Gil Girard, and found him to be exceptionally gracious, funny and interesting.

It was a great way to start my adventure for Dragon*Con 2010.

As I stepped off the elevator, after descending rapidly forty seven floors, I came face to face with Morena Baccarin.  Adorable in her big sunglasses and her very short hair!  I gave her the the old peace sign from my generation…which of course is V.  She smiled and nodded.

Off I went to one of my Dragon*Con favorite places.  Pulse.  It’s a small bar right in the middle one of the main floors of the Marriott.  Lots and lots of folks gathered there.  And then the costumes started to come-out.  And I saw my first Jayne hat of Dragon Con 2010… Now I can go to sleep in peace.  Great fun starts tomorrow!

The SpaceGypsies will be posting while we are here and on into the weeks to follow with all the wonders and delights.

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