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TiaraLa September 3, 2010 No Comments »

In my time I’ve met a lot of celebrities. Very, very rarely do I get starstruck, but today, while strolling Dragon*Con’s Walk of Fame, I came across Sean Maher, who played Simon Tam on Firefly, and I froze. Literally. I froze where I stood, in the middle of the room, glancing over at him (not creepily, I swear…) He had the most charming, captivating smile I’ve ever seen, and while he looked so welcoming, I freaked out and couldn’t even go to his table for fear of being a squealy “that girl”. I can own my fangirlness, but when representing this site and, well, myself, I like to be professional.

I’m going to give it another try tomorrow, to meet him and say “hello, I loved your character, and I wish you the best on your career”, and maybe I’ll still do it if I’m feeling a little squealy.

The other boy who made 13-year-old TiaraLa swoon a little inside was Corky Nemec (he will always be Corky to me). You see, I’ve never seen him on Stargate, but Parker Lewis Can’t Lose was one of my favorite shows in middle school. He was the sort of cool geek that I really felt like, and I identified with him so completely. I had his poster on my wall from Teen Beat… along with fellow Dragon*Con guest Edward Furlong, who played John Connor in Terminator 2 and was every bit the dreamy skater boy that I loved at the time.

So this year, the middle schooler in me is squealing and jumping up and down all excited-like. Guts have never come into play when meeting and greeting celebrities, even my favorites. I could even handle meeting Sean Astin, my first movie star crush (Mikey on Goonies was SO CUTE). This year I think it’s teenage crush overload, though, in the Walk of Fame. I’m hoping to feel a little less starstruck tomorrow. Until then, SQUEEEEEEE!!

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