Dragon*Con 2010 – An interview with Jennie Breeden

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Jennie Breeden, creator of “The Devil’s Panties” and “Geebas on Parade” has been a fixture at Dragon*Con for years.  While she is commonly know for her highly entertaining practice of using a leaf-blowing to lift the kilts of willing victims, she is also a popular presence in the Comic and Pop Artist Alley and has presented a panel on web comics this year.  SpaceGypsies was able to get a few words from Jennie on her Dragon*Con experiences.

When did you first start attending Dragon*Con?

I interned in college with White Wolf and they brought me to Dragon*Con in, I think, 2000, if not 1999.  Being in Atlanta was actually the first time a friend said that I should put my comics online, so it was before that by a year.  When White Wolf told me, the first question they asked me was “The boss wants to know what kind of alcohol you want.”  Before we were even in registration line, we were doing shots.  We went to the hotel, we got unpacked, we did shots and then we got into the registration line.  My female boss was teaching me to knit a boa, and there was another woman in line who was knitting, so every time we passed she gave me advice too.  She let me use her needles and she was knitting with pens.  I was actually the designed “walker” for White Wolf. I walked drunk people back to the hotel, kept them out of traffic, got them water, rolled them over.

The first Dragon*Con I attended, I came with a backpack full of fliers and art prints.  I set up at the two stairways in the Marriott, you know the circular staircases? I sat there and I handed out businesses cards and I taped prints to the wall and sold prints.  And Dragon*Con security came up and said “Uh-uh. You can’t tape stuff to the walls”, and I had to move.  So I went to the hotel management and I asked if there was anywhere I could set up and sell stuff and they said “Uh-no, you can’t sell stuff in the halls.” Well, can I sell stuff outside? “No, the Atlanta police aren’t going to let you do that.” So I thought this is so unfair!  Nobody will let me sell stuff!

The next year I was paranoid about being kicked out. I put on the website that I’d be under the stairs again and I took the backpack full of prints and I handed out business cards to everyone who didn’t look official. I had comics books printed out at Kinkos – it was the first time they’d done that – so they printed them on 11×14 paper and cut them down, so it was an $8.00 comic book for $1.50.  I was selling them for $1.50, so I was selling them at loss.  I was by an Info Booth and people would go up to the Info Booth and ask them where Jennie Breeden’s table was.  “I don’t know, she’s not in the listing, but you’re the third person today to ask for her”.  I had two security guards come up to me and ask if I knew when Jennie Breeden was. Ummm… no.  “Oh, I have this book for her to sign.”  Wait, let me go get her for you.

I used to write cartoons about people who brought me stuff and then I stopped because it encouraged people to get crazier and crazier so they’d get into the comic.  I stopped when these girls came up in full belly-dance costumes with a giant basket with cookies and energy drinks and candies and condoms and I thought “I’d better stop before someone shows up with a van and throws me in just to get into the comic.”

How does Dragon*Con differ for you from other conventions?

Dragon*Con is not a convention.  Dragon*Con is a week-long party with alcohol and costumes.  It is a geek Mardi Gras. After midnight all the adult costumes come out – Dragon*Con is where everybody can get laid as long as they have no standards.  I posted on a forum for my LARP to share a hotel room and this girl responded that I could get in with her.  “I’m pretty sure I know you” kind of thing.  So everyone shows up and one person “I brought a Playstation”, another person, “I brought Twinkies”, me, “I brought condoms!”  So I asked the girls what name the room was under so I could pay them for the room and she said “Well, it’s under my Dad’s name” and I said “Is he coming here?” “No, no, but I’m not old enough to pay for my own room.”  I ask her how old she is, she’s 15.  The other kid had just turned 16.  So I give them the money and say “I’m gonna go.”  I go out in the hall and run into my friend Randy and I said “Please God, let me come and sleep on your floor.”  I ended up in a room full of 15 fabulous gay men.

How did you first come up with the idea of doing kilt blowing?

I was sitting with the lady boss from White Wolf and we were having a drinking game where we drank every time you saw a man in a skirt.  We had the idea of doing a “Men of Comics” pin-up and we thought if we could get the girlfriends into it, we could asked them to lift their shirts, and from there we went into kilts and the Marilyn Monroe-type pose with a leaf-blower.

What was your best experience at Dragon*Con?

Let’s see… Oh!  I was wearing shoes and a dress, I didn’t have the boots on.  I wasn’t in my Devil’s Panties uniform, and the elevator opens up and there’s this woman standing there. There was a man too, but it was the woman that was important.  In flats she would have been 6’3 – she’s not in flats.  She’s wearing platforms boots, this spiked red leather bodice, a spiked loincloth, these red leather wings, she’s got make-up to here and she looks down and squeaks “You’re Jennie Breeden!” in this English accent and the doors close behind us.  I’m eye-level with her boobies.  She says “You do Devil’s Panties… I love that comic!”  So I have this picture of me next to her with my mouth open – this woman is my fan.  I called her the Dragon*Con goddess.

As a final questions, is there anything at Dragon*Con you’ve seen that you can never unsee?

So much.  Men in diapers, a little red cock – an actual stuffed rooster – on someone’s cock, a smiley face on a chain  not quiet covering it.  So much man wang.  I had four guys… “You look tired from leaf-blowing kilts, we will fan you with our kilts!”  They were basically doting on me.  So there was sweaty man-ball smell from all four sides.  Thank you guys, stop.

Jennie Breeden will be selling comics throughout Dragon*Con in the Comic and Pop Artists Alley in the Hyatt Regency: Exhibit Level in the Grand Hall East.  She will also be doing Kilt Leaf-Blowing in the Hanover A-B rooms in the Hyatt Regency from 1:00am – 3:30am, Saturday night.

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