Ghost Hunters: Philadelphia Zoo

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America’s oldest zoo, haunted? Opened in 1874 and rumored to be built on a Native American burial ground it certainly had potential. And while the thought of investigating a zoo for paranormal activity may seem odd the four hot spots offered here definitely had plenty of history and claims of experiences to make it worth a visit from our favorite team of investigators.

Jason and Grant are joined by team members, KJ, Britt, Kris and Amy for the challenge of tracking down cold spots, voices, footsteps and apparitions, all the usual suspects in this most unusual place.

The claims were spread amongst four building on the grounds.

The Shelly Administration Building , containing mostly offices and classrooms, had reports of a face peering through a curtained window and sounds of doors opening and closing. Jason and Grant were unable to recreate the face and found it hard to debunk but were able to experience sounds of thudding from above and the mysterious sound of a door loudly shutting. They searched the building but were unable to find a door that made the sound.

Once used as a veterinary lab, the Penrose Building holds claims of lights going off and on by themselves and a woman seen in the library window. KJ and Britt investigated soft sounds and found a cold spot. During the analysis the sounds were disregarded as computer noises.

As the only remaining original animal enclosure the Treehouse is currently used as a children’s exhibit and has been reported to house an apparition and to cause some people to feel uneasy and hear footsteps. Kris and Amy played the old ‘shave and a hair cut’ to invite a response, and were successful.

By far the oldest and most active building, The Solitude, offered a wealth of personal experiences in both the building itself and the tunnels beneath. Built in 1784 by John Penn, the grandson of William Penn, The Solitude is packed with history and the paranormal. In the tunnels KJ and Britt were welcomed by noises, a creepy atmosphere and loud thuds that seemed to come from above. While trying to evoke an EVP from the reported gray mist, KJ wondered if a mist could hear you. A valid question and I loved Britt’s response. Britt reasoned that the mist may simply be our minds way of interpreting a spirit or paranormal event. And of course, anything is possible. Later, while investigating in the house itself Britt and KJ were disturbed by the loud slamming of a door and upon searching find the front door ajar. KJ swears he had firmly closed the door when they entered the building.

Jason and Grant began their investigation of The Solitude in the attic. Quickly debunking the door that locks itself, they also encountered a few bumps in the night that sent them up into the attic spaces. When Jason turned a corner and startled, I nearly screamed. Honestly, if Jason is frightened, I’m as good as fainted! It turned out to be nothing more than a picture. Yes, they too are human. But they didn’t come up empty handed, both men heard footsteps on the stairs and witnessed the thermal camera taking a self propelled tumbled down the stairs. In the tunnels they heard what sounded like female voices and party music.

Kris and Amy also experienced what sounded like music and footsteps coming from above them in tunnels. Amy, not enjoying the claustrophobic tunnels went outside to debunk the footsteps and left Kris alone to have her hair fondled and hear the disembodied voice of a man.

All in all the Philadelphia Zoo is not only a great historical site but also offered a wealth of intriguing evidence and mysterious experiences for both the team and the viewers at home. And so, in the words of Jason Hawes, On to the next…

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  1. spacegypsymamaNo Gravatar September 13, 2010 at 10:31 pm - Reply

    heehee… well you certainly know how much I love this! And thanks for getting me so turned onto Ghost Hunters and Destination Truth…

  2. GreenEggsNSammNo Gravatar September 10, 2010 at 2:54 pm - Reply

    Great review! I was so excited to see they investigated a zoo! I was starting to get tired of all of the houses, prisons and hospitals they usually investigate. I wish they would do some of the more famous haunts in Chicago but I guess they have to be invited. I still have my fingers crossed that one day they’ll get to investigate the ghost in Disney World’s Pirates of the Caribbean attraction. Now that would be exciting!

  3. PlayItGrandNo Gravatar September 9, 2010 at 10:46 pm - Reply

    Welcome SpaceDarling!! Thank you for an excellent first post! I look forward to reading more since everyone knows I have no time to add another TV show to my schedule! Thanks Again!

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