The Gates Episode 6- “Jurisdiction”

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If you haven’t seen this episode of The Gates it’s not my fault. This is an older episode and we’re already done with the first season, so if you haven’t seen episode 6 then…Aww you know I’m just giving you a hard time. The usual spoiler warning applies. Click below to read more!

There’s a murder inside The Gates! Resident gossip monger Barbara Jensen’s body is found inside her dress shop…with bite marks on her neck! Nick immediately questions Dylan, who was at a benefit with his wife. Claire overhears the conversation and gets worried. Could Christian have “taken care” of Barbara?

Like a dysfunctional Starsky & Hutch, Dylan and Nick work to find the killer…though not exactly “together.” Upon examining the body, which Dylan leans over and sniffs with is super vampire nose, Dylan says that it wasn’t a feeding. Really? What does a feeding smell like? A-1 Steak Sauce? Dylan also reveals that it’s unlikely any of the vamps he knows inside The Gates did it.

DYLAN: How are you going to arrest a vampire?
NICK: Will bullets work?


Nick gets Eddie, another police officer, to follow Dylan to see how he “investigates” the murder since Dylan won’t share his contacts or his methods with Nick.

Andie finally gets her succubus meds from Dr. Peg and boy do they have the side effects! What’s worse, possibly sucking the souls out of people or having symptoms that mirror heroin withdrawal? Andie seems to be asking herself this possibility. I don’t blame her, not one bit.

With a cross around his neck (*smirk*), Nick goes to see Laurie Bennett, the co-owner of Barbara’s store. She left Barbara in the store to do invoices after closing. I don’t blame her for going home. Who wants to work late to process invoices? Laurie mentions Barbara’s ex-husband, Alex DuPree. Nick now has suspect #2.

Sarah meets with the fund-raising committee from the school. Okay so it’s half of the fund-raising committee. We find out soon that the other half, which coincidentally consists of Claire and her friends, isn’t coming to the meeting. Why? Because there’s a fundraiser war! I mean “competition.” By the way I’m completely amused that this housewife war also seems to be divided into werewolves vs. vampires. Moving on…Team Karen’s fund-raising committee needs a new fundraiser because the golf course that they usually host their charity golf outing on has been soggy and gross from an abundance of rain.

They ask Sarah to come up with something because, damn it, they have to beat Team Claire! Sarah suggests that they join the art auction. Oh silly Sarah! Werewolves and vampires can’t fund-raise together! What are you thinking?

Nick goes to visit Barbara’s ex husband and doesn’t see the cars in the driveway so he goes around back. Dupree is in the pool…a very black pool. Why do all of the pools in The Gates look black? Anyway, Dupree tells Nick that every Thursday he takes his cars to get detailed. Nick questions him about his relationship with Barbara and where he was the previous night. He tells Nick that she spent a lot of time at The Red Door. Now think back…The Red Door is where Claire and Christian ran into Barbara.

Speaking of… Claire and Christian meet at…wait for it…The Red Door! She blames him for killing Barbara but he has no idea what she’s talking about. He tells her that he left Barbara alone. He swears that he would never do anything to jeopardize what they have together. Claire is offended.

CLAIRE: What we have together is an arrangement.

Christian says he can’t forget about her and that she knows that it should have been them together. She tells him again not to call her anymore. Wait, do texts count?

Devon and Sarah have some tea in Devon’s spa. Sarah is upset about the fundraiser.

DEVON: Welcome to suburbia, where everyone uses their perfectly manicured nails to scratch each other’s eyes out.

Sarah doesn’t understand why the two groups can’t get along. Remember, Sarah has no idea that the rift between Claire and Karen goes far beyond housewife cattiness. In Sarah’s eyes there’s no reason for it. Devon offers her spa for the fundraiser. There’s a new anti-aging face peel she wants to show off.

Nick pulls Dylan over on the street and asks what if Barbara was killed by someone outside of The Gates. He shows Dylan some driver’s license print outs. Dylan recognizes Christian but tells Nick that he hasn’t heard of/seen any of those men.

Dylan goes to see Christian at The Red Door. The two are clearly friends and Dylan, having no idea about Christian and Claire’s exploits, fills him in on the murder. So what’s a good thing for friends to do? Bring them home for dinner!
While reviewing security footage from The Red Door, Nick sees a black sedan following Barbara out of the parking lot. He receives a call from a Gates resident whose car was damaged in a hit-and-run on Main Street. Nick says that he’ll send someone out to check it out later.

Claire is making dinner when Christian appears. She, understandably, freaks out. He immediately bonds with Emily, much to Claire’s dismay. When Dylan takes Emily up to bed Claire, in a fantastic show of vampire powers, confronts Christian, pinning him to the wall. She tells him AGAIN that it’s over between them. We’ll see if he listens this time…

Andie goes to Peg for a checkup. Peg sees right through Andie’s lies and knows she’s not taking her medication. How does she know? Because Andie isn’t experiencing horrible debilitating side effects! Andie understandably doesn’t want said side effects and storms out.

While searching through surveillance footage Nick sees Dylan speaking with Gloria, Barbara Jenson’s partner. This can only mean one thing. Gloria is a vampire….cause you know, Dylan only talks to other vampires…right.
At the fundraiser Devon is offering her new face peels and is saving the “faces” as she peels them off. Gross. Just gross. Claire and her friends are outside at the art auction. Karen and Sarah step outside to talk. Karen is concerned that Devon has an ulterior motive because Devon always has an ulterior motive. Poor naive Sarah tells her not to worry. Karen takes a moment to antagonize Claire.

KAREN: Claire, with all the sunscreen you use I’m sure a facial would do wonders.
CLAIRE: (Offering a silver choker to Karen) Silver choker?

Nick confronts Gloria and tells her he knows what she is. Nick also ends up figuring out that Gloria and Barbara were lovers. He’s on a roll! Gloria cries and some of her tears are bloody. A nice vamperic touch. Nick, being the nice guy that he is, closes the drapes and gets her a tissue.

Gloria admits that she went back to the shop that night and found Barbara on the floor. She heard someone run out the back door but all she could think about was trying to save Barbara. She explains to Nick how she tried to turn Barbara into a vampire but it was too late. Nick says that he needs to take her down to the station and Gloria tells him that the others will kill her for this. She’s dead either way. She runs out the backdoor and screams as someone grabs her. Nick follows but she’s gone.

Nick calls Dylan and blames him for taking Gloria. Dylan doesn’t know what he’s talking about…again. He’s not much help is he? Nick tells Dylan how Gloria tried to save Barbara. Nick needs more time and Dylan says he’ll try to stall the other vampires, presumably from killing Gloria.

Andie and Charlie meet at Charlie’s house to discuss Charlotte Bronte and, of course, how love is tragic. They read one of her poems together and share a romantic kiss that leaves Charlie passed out. Poor Charlie! He’s just in love! Andie wakes him up before she runs out the door with a skimpy apology.
Mrs. Davidson, the resident who called earlier about her damaged car, calls again. She wants to get an official accident report from Wednesday night before she gets her car detailed. The pieces are starting to fit together for Nick. Can you see them? The accident happened on Main Street, right by Barbara’s store. Nick goes to talk to DuPree.

Nick visits DuPree by his pool. Nick did his research and called the body shop. He tells DuPree that he knows about the green paint that was buffed out of his fender, green paint that matches Mrs. Davidson’s car. Nick continues, telling him that he knows that DuPree killed Barbara. DuPree says that it was an accident. Isn’t it always? He went into the shop asking Barbara to come back to him. She refused and he grabbed her to keep her from walking out. She fell and hit her head on the counter. He tried to help her but fled when he heard someone coming. It may have been an accident but Nick still has to arrest him. Nick calls Dylan to let him know that he found Barbara’s killer and hopefully to save Gloria.

The ladies are counting the money they made at the fundraiser, $20,000 and change! Holy Hannah! I want them raising money for my organization! Frank Buckley seems pleased. Devon makes a snarky comment about Buckley’s infidelity paying for the spa. Claire calls Devon “pathetic and yet predictable” before she leaves. Karen says she was almost starting to like Devon before she also leaves. Devon, regretting her comments stops Sarah and apologizes. Sarah sympathizes with her as Devon tells her how she discovered Frank was cheating on her. He had been cheating on her for years and everyone knew but her. For a moment you almost feel sorry for her…almost.

Dylan brings Gloria by the station to thank Nick for understanding. They’re going to work things out so she can stay in The Gates. Dylan reveals that there is only one punishment if the other vampires discover that he has killed inside The Gates. Nick finally realizes what Dylan is risking to help him. The two call a truce and shake hands.

Back at the spa Devon hangs all of the masks from the face peels on a clothes line. Creepy? We think so!

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