Inside the Actor’s Gaffe: Frazer Hines

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Frazer Hines was born in in 1944 in Horsforth, Yorkshire. He studied acting at the Corona Academy and started his professional career at the age of eight. By fifteen he had appeared in six films, and had many stage, TV and film roles in the years that followed. He spent years as Dr Who’s longest companion, Jamie McCrimmon, a role for which he is arguably most recognized. Then he was cast in the soap opera “Emmerdale Farm” as Joe Sugden in 1972, and has continued to play that role until 1994. In between making episodes of Emmerdale, he has continued a career in the theatre and made appearances in other TV shows, including two Doctor Who reunion stories, “The Five Doctors” and “The Two Doctors.” He also enjoys working with horses and is a noted amateur jockey. Most recently he has replrised his role as Jamie for several Dr. Who audionovels by Big Finish, and has also written a book, Hines Sight.

Mr. Hines was kind enough to come so far to meet enthusiastic Dr. Who fans attending Dragon*Con. We hope you will enjoy watching the first of his several panels!

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